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Matrix ASH S6 software

sunplus 1506t new software 2021 SCD3 V 11.00.28

sunplus 1506t new software  Model Samsat HD 1300 Chipset Sunplus 1506t 4MB Menu SCD3 S/W Version 11.00.28 HW/ Version dvbs-1506t-V1.0-OTP Server Dqcam, Nashare Sharing Network Wifi, Lan Network, USB Cable…

starnet 1506t 4mb new software SCB4 V 10.11.02

1506t new software 2020  Model StarNet Chipset Sunplus 1506t 4MB Menu SCB4 S/W Version 10.11.02 HW/ Version dvbs-1506t-V1.0-OTP-SO Server Dqcam, Nashare Pro, Go Sat Plus, Tcam, Gshare plus Sharing Network…

Starsat orange new software 1506t SGR1 V 10.09.21

Starsat orange new software, joker 888 new software, 1506t new software  Model Starsat orange, Joker 888 Chipset Sunplus 1506t 4mb Menu SGR1 S/W Version 10.09.21 HW/ Version dvbs-1506t-V1.0-OTP-SO Server Dqcam,…

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