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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Star treck super 9990 Original software 1506lv SGF1 V 10.02.16

Star treck super 9990  Model Star treck super 9990 Chipset Sunplus 1506lv 8mb Menu SGF1 S/W Version 10.02.16 HW/ Version dvbs-1506lv-V1.0-OTP-SO Server Dscam, Goda Sharing Network Wifi, 3G and USB Cable Network IPTV Features Quraan...

Neosat plus 2020 hyper software 1506lv with dscam, goda, Gprs and IMEi

Neosat plus 2020 hyper software   Model   Neosat plus 2020 hyper Chipset  Sunplus 1506lv 8mb  Menu  SCB3 S/W Version  10.09.16-4 H/W Version  dvbs.1506lv-V1.0-OTP-0-S0 Server   Dsacm, Goda Server, Smartcam Sharing Network  3g, wifi, GPRS,...

1506lv to 1506tv converted software SVC1 V10.06.23

1506lv to 1506tv converted software  Model  1506lv to 1506tv Chipset  Sunplus 1506tv 8mb  Menu  SVC1 S/W Version  10.06.23  H/W Version  dvbs.1506tv-V1.0-OTP-S0  Server   Dqcam, Nashare, Nashare Pro Sharing Network  wifi (8188f), Wire Network m3u file   Not...

Echolink el-5050 1506lv new software SCW2 V10.07.15 GPRS, IMEI Options

Echolink el-5050 1506lv new software   Model   Echolink el-5050  Chipset  Sunplus 1506lv 8mb  Menu  SCW2  S/W Version  10.07.15-2  H/W Version  dvbs.1506lv-V1.0-OTP-0  Server   Dsacm and Goda Server  Sharing Network  3g, wifi, GPRS, Usb cable...

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