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ICONE D7 D8 D9 VXV38.0 – 05/11/2021


What's New?

Here is the new update version No. XV38.0 for the icone D7-8-9 device
New changes to the new program XV38.0
Translation / The translation has been improved for all applications, and the opening of films has been accelerated with movie applications, including Cinema and Voodoo
YouTube / The YouTube application has been restarted on the device and now it works quickly and without problems because the content is not available in your country
Kids YouTube / The application inside the kids club has been accelerated.
Iraq Cinema / Video applications are dedicated to working with local internet cinema service providers The work of the embedded applications has been improved
Iraq TV / TV applications work on the weakest internet with service providers only ((real applications, not links))
Voodoo: The Voodoo application on our devices has been fully accelerated with professional translation
Nilesat: A new, Arabised, and arranged search on 11/02/2121 Iraqi channels, including the fourth Sport.
IMPORTANT CHANGES: The IPTV and Movies player has been changed and developed with the addition of an internet speed indicator and Wi-Fi signal strength.
New additions to the kids club
Smart Education Server ((Iraq)) A section of the classes has been added from the Iraq educational platform and all remaining classes will be added within a few days
Adjustments inside Iraq TV
Shabakati: The first application of various quality was developed for the Shabakati TV application, and an application with automatic quality was converted at the bottom of the list with the application being improved to work with the weakest internet

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