DISCOVERY DR 555HD X7 1506t 4M V11.08.25

  • Version V11.08.25
  • Count 1756
  • Capacity 4.00 MB
  • Files Count 1
  • File Extension bin bin

Download Digital Satellite Receiver DISCOVERY DR 555HD X7 Sunplus 1506t 4MB New Software 2021-2022. DVBS-1506t-V1.00-S0 New Software 2021-2022.


Software Installable for Below Hardware with Wifi Support of RT5370

  1. Sunplus 1506t 4MB
  2. Sunplus 1506f 4MB

S/W Features?

  • Zoom Signal Feature
  • Dqcam, Nashare, Go Sat Plus V2, G-Share Plus V2
  • Xtream IPTV, Dolphin IPTV, HAHA IPTV
  • Ecast

What's New in the Update?

1 - Nova Virgin 2 IPTV
2 - Adding IPTV Blues
3 - Adding signal amplification from the outside by pressing the Info button twice only. Signal Quality Oh God, it has been modified twice
4 - Adding the update of the KEY ciphers via the Internet
5 - Adding an update to open and close Upgrade On/Off
6 - Add Nova and Balance to the list of shortcuts
7 - Add Restore all and Wifi to delete the Wifi password
8 - Re-add the translation service Net Subtitle
9 - Fix the operation of the IPTV service and it works perfectly
10 - Add FTP Upgrade
11 - Change the name of HTTP Upgrade to Online Upgrade

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