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What is Mars Firmware For GTMEDIA Satellite Receiver?

Mars is a new firmware for the user interface promoted by media. It adopts a composition similar to the Android style, allowing users to have a new user experience.
Therefore, mars are just the name of this new firmware and have nothing to do with the account or a specific feature attribute, hereby declared

  • 1. Mars software does not support USB-upgraded old UI software
  • 2. Before the old software upgrade Mars, back up the database and data
  • 3. Mars does not support old software channel lists
  • 4. List of SDX programs supported by Mars
  • 5. It is not recommended to import the V8UHD Mars channel list into V8X
  • 6. Do not upgrade this software for users who use smart card
  • 7. This software is available for both V8X and X8 platforms
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