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How to Download & Install New Software for your Satellite Receiver?

Welcome to Khan Dish Network, we are Providing a Variety of New Updated Software/Firmware Dump Flash Files for your Satellite TV Receiver. We provide Downloadable Files Free of Cost or without any subscription.


It’s important to note that the instructions may vary depending on the specific model of your satellite receiver and the firmware update tool you are using. Always follow the instruction that came with the software and make sure that you have a backup of your
File Extention: Make sure your downloaded software or dump flash file has the right extension. the satellite receiver software comes mostly with .bin, .abs, WSW, or .mbo extensions. so please double-check your file before copying it to USB flash for installation in your receiver.

Research and confirm compatibility: Before downloading any software, ensure that it is compatible with your satellite receiver model. It is also important to thoroughly read and understand the terms of use and any potential risks associated with using the software before downloading.

Check for updates: Before downloading any software, check if there are any updates available for your current version. Details about the current version can usually be found on the Satellite Receiver Software Details window. Updating to the latest software can fix bugs and improve performance.

Create a backup: Before making any changes to your satellite receiver, create a backup of your current software & settings, and channels. This will allow you to easily restore your TV Channels data and other Settings if something goes wrong during the software update. also with New Software your Cccam Server may delete, so make sure to keep your Cccam Credential in a safe place.

Follow proper installation instructions: Carefully read and follow the instructions provided for installing the software. Failure to do so can cause damage to your receiver or result in the software not working correctly.

To ensure that the electricity does not cut off during the software installation process, you can use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to provide temporary power to the satellite receiver in the event of a power outage. This will allow the installation to be complete without interruption, and prevent the receiver from going dead. Additionally, you can also try to install the software during non-peak hours when electricity usage is low, to minimize the risk of a power outage.

Keep a record of the software version: Once the software is downloaded and installed, make sure to keep a record of the version number in case you need to refer to it in the future.

Keep your USB protected from malware/virus: Before installing the software in your receiver please make sure that your USB is clean from any kind of malware or virus. in another case, it can affect the installable software.

Flash Dump Files: dump or flash files can be used for the recovery purpose of your satellite receiver. it can be installed through a bios programmer or with an RS232 Serial cable and Loader tool. Check the size of the software whether it is a dump file or a USB boot program.

The dump file size is always the same as the size of a flash ic. For example, a 4MB flash IC has a dump file of 4MB (4096KB), and an 8MB flash size would be (8132KB).

if you are Downloading any dump or flash backup file please check your receiver or LED TV Flash file, and download the flash or dump file according.

Sunplus Receiver Software Installation Process: if you are downloading software for your sunplus receiver like 1506g, 1507g, 1506tv, 1506lv, 1506hv, or 1506ft so probably you will face no match file error in 70% of cases. for a No Match File error Solution please visit this Particular Post.

Software Installation in Gx Receiver: if your satellite receiver has a National Chip Gx chip, and you are facing any error as Invalid File, an error occurred or wrong File, etc, then please visit the following link for the solution to that particular error.


All The Available Software on Our website is For Educational Purposes Only. It Should Not Be Used to Illegally Watch Tv Channels.


if your required Software/Dump flash Link is broken or you are facing any kind of Problem during the downloading process. please feel free to complain here at or do a comment in that particular file comment area. The Khan Dish Network team will try our best to solve your complaint as soon as possible.


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