Life Star LS-1 Million 4K Android Satellite TV Receiver


The best 4K all-in-one Smart TV. The unique advantages of Android receiver
1. The receiver is 4K (UHD), which means the image quality is a Maximum Resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. If there are channels broadcast in 4K, it will open it, and it will increase the quality of our TV, especially for those who use original TV, Samsung, SONY, LG…. It will be crazy best.
2. The receiver is Smart or Android, which means we can install and use the application we want on our receiver.
3. The receiver puts Mi TV Stick, and Android Box… which are sold as a complete smart receiver out of the market, because it contains all in one, for example, it is a receiver (it works with dish channels), it is a smart receiver, it is 4K (UHD) and when we buy Mi Stick, we have 3 remotes in our house 1. HDMI Source of the TV, 2. Receiver, 3. Mi Stick Ku, but if we buy LIFE STAR 1 Million, it will leave all these things, you can only use one remote.
4. The receiver remote is amazing because the LIFESTAR 9595 is a remote that won’t break unless you lose the hard part. It’s a remote with an additional Bluetooth system, which means it can command from the direction we want and even if the remote is covered. Also, if the TV is mounted on the wall, even if we hide our receiver behind the TV, the remote will continue to command quality. Apart from the remote itself, most of the remotes in the market have it, so you don’t have to worry about the remote.
5. The receiver has a WiFi antenna so you can use the Internet by simply connecting it to your phone or your home WiFi.
6. Receiver Specification
2 GB of RAM
7.1 Android Version
7. We can load and play various PlayStation games on the receiver
8. The receiver has different free servers inside, for example, ForeverPro has 1 year and 3 or 15 months free, that is, Nilesat OSN, Amos Yes, Belintersat 1 51.5 Moreplex, TSTV Africa. It opens many channels in the world through IKS. Everything unlocked is unlocked and it’s a stable and lovely server.
9. The receiver FTV IPTV (Apollo5 IPTV) has a free 1 year, which means that it allows us to watch the channels in the world for free without a dish, for example, BeinSport, and DSTV, it also includes movies for adults over 18 years old. It has a year of VOD. We can watch for free without a dish
10. The receiver works with Net Radio, which means that if we want to use the Amarandi communicator while watching any football, we can listen to radio programs in Ethiopia at the same time while watching TV by pressing the Audio Button on the remote.
11. The receiver uses a 12-volt adapter, which means that even if the power is increased, the product does not burn, it is the adapter that burns easily.
12. The receiver has a PIP function, it can show two different channels at the same time on one TV.
13. The receiver uses G-M Screen App, so we can connect the receiver to our phone and use it as a finder, as a TV, as a remote…
14. By the way, since the receiver is still a new model, we will enrich the software in the future, so we at LIFESTAR company will release new software for this receiver from time to time.
15. This receiver works with any TV from CRT to Flat Smart so you can use it when everyone is at home.
16. If this receiver, like a Mi Stick or Android box, breaks down after it is sold, you will not be left alone because LIFESTAR is a company in our country. The company has a valid one-year warranty.
17. You can get this at Dish stores in the area where you have the receiver. All you have to do is ask for the LIFESTAR 1 Million 4K Android receiver or show the picture.

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