Life Star LS6523UHD 65″ Android LED TV Specification


1. The TV uses a genuine LG Screen 4K (UHD) Ultra HD screen with a resolution of 3840 × 2160.
2. It is Android 9
3. RAM is 2 GB and ROM is 16 GB
4. Single Screen Frameless is Super Slim
5. It has two remotes, one remote has Voice Command
6. It has built-in Wifi and Hotspot
7. Google Playstore has it, we can install the application we want
8. Built-in has MiraCast and MHshare Applications for iPhone and Android phones to mirror our phone
9. It has super fast built-in applications like YouTube, Netflix, Google Browser, and WeTV, and especially you can use Spotify for free.
10. It has three HDMI Input Ports capable of receiving 4K
11. It has two flash receiver ports. If we want to watch a movie, it has a media player that can play different formats.
12. It has an RJ45 or Internet cable reception port
13. It has 2 jack receiver port
14. Receive RF

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