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What is CHMax ? How to Use Mango Cloud For Receiver?

How to Save & edit channels through Mango Cloud?

This is the instruction manual for STB users

1. go to the mango website or scan the Mango cloud QR code on the mobile phone to enter the Mango system.

2. Register a mango account

3. After login, enter Terminal—Add STB to add SN to the account.

(verification code be displayed in the Save To cloud interface for the first time, or in About STB)


3.1Menu- Edit channel– User channel List –Save To Cloud. Save your Channel list to Mango Cloud

3.2. Edit channel- User channel List –Load From Cloud. Download and update the previously saved channel list

4. Mango cloud

Cloud Service-CHMax, you can copy, increase or decrease, arrange and edit the saved program list according to customer needs.

CHMax New Channel List Instructions

CHMax :[ON/OFF],set [ON],default [ON]

Channel List Style: [New/Original] n Switch new channel list and original channel list default [ON]

NOTE: For the STB without a USB port, the channel icon will automatically download via the network. 2. For the STB with a USB port, the channel icone will automatically download via network and save to the USB disk. It will read the saved channel icon from the USB disk when you switch to the channel list menu.

New Channel List Style

[RED] Sort channels list from A~~Z
[GREEN] Sort channels list in many different ways
[Filter] Filter channels list in many different ways
[BLUE] Go to the Edit Channels menu
[EPG] Switch 1 column and 2 column
[Type] Switch channels Type:
: ALL CHnanels—》FTA Channels →Scramble Channels →HD Channels-(→UHD Channels )
[FIND] Search keyword program
[0] Switch simple information and detailed information
New Channel List Style

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