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Premium HD 1919 Software Update

Satellite Receiver Premium HD 1919 Latest Updated Version Software, Dump Flash File & Loader Tools Download. Experience improved performance and exciting new features – download the update now!

Premium HD 1919 Specifications

  • Brand: PREMIUM HD
  • Model: Premium HD 1919

Hardware Specifications:

  • Processor: High-performance chipset
  • Box Type: Digital Full HD satellite receiver
  • Flash Type: SPI SOP8/SOIC8
  • Flash Size: 8 MB
  • Connectivity: Various ports, including USB, HDMI, Ethernet
  • Display: User-friendly display
  • Remote Control: Included

Software Information:

  • Software Type: Updated Files (Firmware and Software)
  • File Format: BIN
  • Resolution: Supports Full HD
  • Multi-Language Support: Available
  • Parental Control: Included

Price and Availability:

  • Price Range: Varies
  • Availability: In stores and online.

Premium HD 1919 New Firmware Update.

PREMIUM HD 1717 1718 1818 1819 1919 FILES TOTAL FILES : 1
File Name Upload Time Capacity Download
File IconPHD-1717-1718-1818-1819-1919-V22.3045---
Size:8 MB

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