Beinsat Magic 505 4K Software Update

Satellite Receiver BeinSat Magic-505-4K Software 2021-2022. BeinSat Magic-505-4K Receiver Latest Software Download. BeinSat Magic-505-4K Firmware. Also, Read BeinSat Magic-505-4K Specifications. BeinSat Magic-505-4K dump flash file and loader download.


Download BeinSat Magic-505-4K Latest Firmware Update.

File Name
BEINSAT MAGIC 505 4K UHD V3.1.8 – 11/11/2022
36 downloads655 MB
November 14, 2022
BEINSAT MAGIC 505 4K UHD V3.1.5 – 02/09/2022
21 downloads653MB
September 11, 2022
BEINSAT MAGIC 505 4K UHD V3.1.4 – 30/03/2022
88 downloads589 MB
March 31, 2022
BEINSAT MAGIC 505 4K UHD V3.1.1 – 22/21/2021
44 downloads589 MB
December 22, 2021
BEINSAT MAGIC 505 4K UHD V3.0.9 – 03/11/2021
31 downloads616 MB
November 8, 2021
BEINSAT MAGIC 505 4K UHD V3.0.8 – 02/11/2021
25 downloads616 MB
November 3, 2021

BeinSat Magic-505-4K UHD Specifications:

IKS : FOREVER PRO (15 months)
IPTV: Apollo
CPU: His3798 Quad Core
System : Android 09
Remote Control (02)
Tuner :DVBS2X
Ram=02G | Rom=16G
NetSubtitle/ Subtile DVB TTX/
EPG PRO/ IP Audio/AutoApdate
WiFi/3G/4G/Bluetooth supported
channel HD decoding 4
simultaneous Supported
Multimedia playing, OTA
DLNA, MiraCast, Airplay, G-MScreen
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
Download DVB-S2X Tuner
Runs on Android 9
Built-in internal Wi-Fi with the device
And USB 3.0 (very fast in transferring data)
You can display complete information for iPhone and Android phones on the screen
There are other specifications
Supports automatically finding BISS and PowerVu codes with AutoRole feature
It also supports IP2Sat or IP to Sat feature
Supports Google Browser and Google Playstore
Supports 4K 60fps plus resolution

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