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Download Satellite Receiver BeinSat GX-7070HD Software 2021-2022 Version. BeinSat GX-7070HD نرم افزار جدید رسیور. also, See BeinSat GX-7070HD Receiver Specifications. BeinSat GX-7070HD dump flash file and Loader.


BeinSat GX-7070HD دانلود اپدیت رسیور

File Name
BeinSat GX-7070 HD V2.94 – 14/10/2021
23 downloads3.1 MB
October 21, 2021

BeinSat GX-7070HD Specifications.

Ajdi small size lens H264
Contains USB ports
Contains as a nation for all digital streaming cards
It has an AV port for old TVs
Full-year server funcam
Opens art & Osn channels on Nile Sat moon
Sever Apollo for a whole month renewable means official IPTV can be used outside and inside the country (opens all coded and uncoded channels without a plate)
For more details follow all our new ones
Most servers support cccam – newcam
Supports online opening encrypted for Internet networks (IPTV)
Supports opening YouTube
Application of the Holy Quran
The possibility of updating via the internet
Channel researches for Nile Sat moon
Using the mobile cream with a program

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