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Download T.V56.03 Universal LED Tv firmware. T.V56.03 Universal LED TV Software update. T.V56.03 Universal Board Specifications. T.V56.03 Bin File Download. T.V56.03 USB Update. T.V56.03 Backup Dump file. T.V56.03 New Update.

T.V56.03 Universal LED Board Specifications:

Model No. T.V56.03

Main Chipset: TSUMV56RUU-Z1

Display Format: up to 1920×1200

Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9 & 16:10

T.V56.03 Service Code: Menu+1147

How to Upgrade Firmware in T.V56.03?

  1. Copy the Required Firmware/software in FAT32 USB Disk
  2. Plugin the U disk into the Mainboard USB port of LCD/LED TV
  3. Switch ON the power and Wait even IR indicator led flashing in speed
  4. Done. Unplug the U-disk (It will take a max 1 min to upgrade firmware)
  5. It continues to flash and never stop. This is normal, just wait about 1 minute, this means that the update is complete. Then turn off and turn off the u-disk

Universal LED T.V56.03 Main Board.


Download T.V56.03 LED TV Board Firmware:

How to Download T.V56.03 Led TV Software From Receiver Pro?

  1. If Your Require file is In Multiple Parts then.
  2. Download any Required file of T.V56.03 Software.
  3. Now Extract any One part With them through Winrar or 7Zip.
  4. You will find a single Folder with your Required Software.

If You are facing any Problem or Error Regarding any file Please Inform US by Clicking Here

File Name
T.V56.03 1280_1024_4MB
101 downloads2.91 MB
T.V56.03 1280_1024_4MB
99 downloads2.91 MB
T.V56.03 1366-768 Samsung
47 downloads3.06 MB
T.V56.03 1366-768 LG
65 downloads3.06 MB
T.V56.03 1366-768 LG
64 downloads3.06 MB
T.V56.03 1366=768 Sony
18 downloads3.07 MB
T.V56.03 1366_768 Firmware
42 downloads2.84 MB
T.V56.03 1366_768 Firmware
43 downloads2.84 MB
T.V56.03 1366_768
45 downloads2.84 MB
T.V56.03 1920-1080 LG
29 downloads3.05 MB
T.V56.03 1920-1080 Sumsung
30 downloads3.05 MB
T.V56.03 1920-1080 Sumsung
31 downloads3.05 MB
T.V56.03 1920=1080 Sony
13 downloads3.05 MB
T.V56.03 General_1024_768_4MB
39 downloads2.92 MB
T.V56.03 General_1366_768_4MB
33 downloads5.76 MB
T.V56.03 General_1440_900_4MB
35 downloads2.92 MB
T.V56.03 General_1600_900_4MB
19 downloads2.92 MB
T.V56.03 General_1600_900_4MB
19 downloads2.92 MB
T.V56.03 General_1680_1050_4MB
34 downloads2.92 MB
T.V56.03 General_1680_1050_4MB
35 downloads2.92 MB
T.V56.03 General_1920_1080_4MB
59 downloads5.85 MB
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