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iBOX OCTOPUS 4K Digital Satellite Receiver Software Update

Download Digital Satellite Receiver OCTOPUS 4K Software 2021. OCTOPUS 4K latest firmware download. Télécharger OCTOPUS 4K Nouvelle mise à jour. OCTOPUS 4K Specifications. OCTOPUS 4K loader download. Download OCTOPUS 4K dump flash file. OCTOPUS 4K Software Update.

Download OCTOPUS Digital Satellite Receiver New Update

File Name
iBOX OCTOPUS 4K NEW UPDATE V1.09.22915 – 25/06/2021
11 downloads7.9 MB
October 11, 2021
iBOX OCTOPUS 4K NEW UPDATE V1.09.22797 – 27/05/2021
7 downloads7.9 MB
May 27, 2021
iBOX OCTOPUS 4K NEW UPDATE V1.09.22730 – 08/05/2021
1 download7.9 MB
May 8, 2021
iBOX OCTOPUS 4K NEW UPDATE V1.09.22551 – 09/03/2021
download7.9 MB
March 9, 2021
iBOX OCTOPUS 4K NEW UPDATE V1.09.22197 – 27/09/2020
download7.9 MB
September 27, 2020

iBox OCTOPUS 4K Receiver Specifications.

iBox Octopus 4K Ultra has a 15-month Forever Server Pro
12-month Apollo IPTV and Myhd IPTV
DVB-S/DVB-S, DVB-S2X modulator
Support Multi-stream single tuner
Ali-3510 Ali-chip
8MB Flash Memory
Fully 4K Ultra High Definition

iBox Octopus 4K Ultra HD Digital Satellite
Fully HEVC H.264, and HEVC H.265
Support Autoroll Biss and PowerVU
Support Multi-Language
It has an Ethernet, 3G Modem, and Wi-Fi connection
Support Disqus 1.0/1.1/1.2 USALS
2x USB ports
Support HDMI and AV
Channel Storage 8000/Channels

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