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Download China LED Tv CV306L-B-20 Firmware. CV306L-B-20 is an analog LCD/LED TV Control Board that is suitable for the Asia Pacific and the Middle East Market. It can support 24-inch to 42-Inches LED panels which have a resolution is up to 1920×1080. China LED CV306L-B-20 Software backup File. CV306L-B-20 Dump flash file Free Download. CV306L-B-20 Bin File, CV306L-B-20 Bios File. CV306L-B-20 Program. CV306L-B-20 USB Update.

CV306L-B-20 China LED Board Specifications:

Make: China
Board Model: CV306L-B-20
Maximum Current for USB: 500mA
Flash IC: 4MB
Firmware Type: Backup Dump

China LED Tv CV306L-B-20 MotherBoard.


Download China LED TV CV306L-B-20 Firmware:

How to Download CV306L-B-20 Led TV Software From Receiver Pro?

  1. If Your Require file is In Multiple Parts then.
  2. Download all parts of CV306L-B-20 Software.
  3. Now Extract any One part With them through Winrar or 7Zip.
  4. You will find a single Folder with your Required Software.

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