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Download Digital Satellite Receiver Lion Lam 812 Joker Software 2021-2022. Lion Lam 812 Joker latest firmware download. Télécharger Lion Lam 812 Joker Nouvelle mise à jour. Lion Lam 812 Joker Specifications. Lion Lam 812 Joker loader download. Download Lion Lam 812 Joker dump flash file. Lion Lam 812 Joker Software Update.

Download Lion Lam 812 Joker New Update

File Name
LION 1919-1718-1800-1920-8070-812-X49-6969 – 22/04/2022
78 downloads4.00 MB
April 27, 2022
LION 1919-1718-1800-1920-8070-812-49-6969 – 27/01/2022
240 downloads4.00 MB
January 27, 2022
LION 1919-1718-1800-1920-8070-812-49-6969 NEW UPDATE – 08/01/2022
69 downloads4.00 MB
January 8, 2022
LION 1919-1718-1800-1920-8070-812-49-6969 NEW UPDATE – 22/12/2021
70 downloads4.00 MB
December 23, 2021
LION 1919-1920-8070-812 NEW UPDATE – 08/09/2021
124 downloads4.00 MB
September 8, 2021
LION 1919-1920-1718-6969-812-1800 UPDATE – 03/09/2021
64 downloads4.00 MB
September 3, 2021
LION 1919-1920-1718-6969-812-1800-X49-8070 RECOVERY
133 downloads4.00 MB
June 5, 2021
16 downloads1.4 MB
February 3, 2021

Lion Lam 812 Joker Specifications.

CPU: Gx6605s

Flash: 4MB

Ram: 512M

1. Continuous support for our devices with updates, software, improvement, and development

2. It contains the Cinemana application and the VIDEO application, and work is underway to add

applications to add 2

3. YouTube is working and support

4. IPTV for all internet networks in Iraq with a direct update for all networks without updating the receiver

5. It contains 50 IP networks for internet companies and it is possible to add more according to demand and continuous online updates without user intervention
6. Contains an internationally supported and updated IPTV
7. It contains LION IPTV. It needs fast internet. It is recommended for Iraqi Kurdistan and outside Iraq
8. It contains a library of films and a library of Arabic and Western songs and series. It contains a Quran library
9. Support and operation of Cccam for Nilesat, OSN & art channels, and other satellites as well
10. MEECAST TV TV application for all Android phones and iPhones to watch and display movies, YouTube, videos, photos, and songs from the phone for all our devices, and it has a remote control to control from the phone to the satellite and exclusive features of our company
11. The mirroring feature or live screen is currently only available for iPhone and iPad devices, and work is underway to add it to Android devices
12. Add a Wi-Fi camera to the Mi Cast TV app for direct viewing from the Mi Cast app and from the satellite
13. The ability to update YouTube without updating the device from the YouTube menu and settings from the red bump, then update the API key, then exit the application and restart
14. A full year warranty that includes any manufacturing defect or defect
15. Unlimited Software, Updates, and Support
16. Distinctive models and shapes
17. Dolby AC3 audio support
18. High image clarity and quality
19. High speed, fast program browsing, and beautiful menus
20. Beautiful menus

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