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CV110-AL Universal LED Board Specifications:

Model No. CV110-AL

Main Chipset: HI3731

Display Format: up to 1920×1200 (FHD)

Supported Screens: up to 42″

Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9 & 16:10

Tuner: AB253

TV Format: Analog Signal

Sound IC: NS4165



Panel Interface: LVDS Double 6/8

Key Button Functions: CH-/CH+/MENU/VOL-/VOL+Souce/Power

Multi-Language OSD: Yes

Input/Output Ports: HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, RF TV interface, and Earphone Out

Audio O/P Power: 2 x 5 Watt (8 ohms)

Screen voltage: 3.3V / 5V / 12V (Jump cap)

USB Port: Yes (Firmware Upgrade and Multimedia Playback Support)

USB File Format: Audio (Mp3, wma, m4a/aac), Video (avi, mp4, ts/trp, mkv/mov, mpg, dat, vob, rm/rmvb), Picture (Jpg, jpeg, bmp, png), Text (text)

IR Control: Yes (Controllable by Remote Control)


Electrical Parameters:

Working Input Voltage: DC +12 Volt

Maximum Current: 3-5 Amp

Standby Power: <0.2W (for the motherboard only)

Maximum Current for USB: 500mA

Not only USB interface can be used to upgrade programs, but also can use to play video/music/photo, basically, formats are supported. You can also set a boot display pictures or LOGO and Mirror Enable.

How to Upgrade Firmware InCV110-AL?

  • Copy the Required bin file in FAT32 USB Disk
  • Plugin the U disk into the Mainboard USB port of LCD/LED TV
  • Switch ON the power and Wait even IR indicator led flashing stop (or flashing speedily)
  • Done. Unplug the U-disk (It will take max 1 min to upgrade firmware)

Firmware Name: CV110.bin

Firmware Type: USB upgradeable
CV110-AL Factory Service Mode: Input 2580

Download CV110-AL LED TV Board Firmware:

How to Download CV110-AL Led TV Software From Receiver Pro?

  1. If Your Require file is In Multiple Parts then.
  2. Download all parts of CV110-AL Software.
  3. Now Extract any One part With them through Winrar or 7Zip.
  4. You will find a single Folder with your Required Software.

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File Name
CV110-AL 1024×768 Firmware
10 downloads6.70 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1366×768 Firmware
9 downloads6.74 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1280×1024 Firmware
12 downloads6.66 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1440×900 Firmware
9 downloads6.74 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1400×1050 Firmware
4 downloads3.32 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1600×900 Firmware
10 downloads6.74 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1600×1200 Firmware
8 downloads5.77 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1650×1080 Firmware
11 downloads3.37 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1680×1050 Firmware
10 downloads3.37 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1920×1080 Firmware
13 downloads6.74 MB
August 31, 2021
CV110-AL 1920×1200 Firmware
5 downloads6.65 MB
August 31, 2021
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