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Satellite Receiver LifeStar LS-9090HD Diamond Software 2021-2022. LifeStar LS-9090HD Diamond Receiver Latest Software Download. LifeStar LS-9090HD Diamond Firmware. Also, Read LifeStar LS-9090HD Diamond Specifications. LifeStar LS-9090HD Diamond dump flash file and loader download.

Lifestar LS-9090 HD Diamond

Download LifeStar LS-9090HD Diamond Latest Software Update.

File Name
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V136 – 07/04/2022
12 downloads5.3 MB
April 7, 2022
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V1.35 – 10/03/2022
10 downloads5.1 MB
March 11, 2022
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V134 – 24/01/2022
11 downloads5.3 MB
January 24, 2022
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V133 – 06/12/2021
10 downloads5.1 MB
December 8, 2021
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V128 – 23/11/2021
1 download5.1MB
November 23, 2021
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V122 – 12/10/2021
8 downloads5.1 MB
October 2, 2021
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V121 – 07/09/2021
24 downloads5.1 MB
September 7, 2021
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V118 – 23/05/2021
22 downloads5.1 MB
May 23, 2021
LIFESTAR LS-9090HD DIAMOND V117 – 30/04/2021
37 downloads5.1 MB
April 30, 2021

LifeStar LS-9090HD Diamond Specifications:

CPU: GX6605H
Full HD image quality
Can display from 480 p to Full HD (1080P / i)!
Card recipient!
በተጨማሪ In addition to HDMI, it has a jack socket
RJ45 internet cable connector space
HEVC 265 and 264 SUPPORT!
ሰዎች I think LIFESTAR 9090 is your right and only choice for people over 55 inches because the
quality is unmatched.
ነው It is manufactured by the same company as the Tiger T8 High-Class V2 Receiver and they are all the same.
ክ Wipe the antenna on the receiver and watch everything you see on your receiver, you can also
stream any video on your phone to a TV without a cable, and when you do this you are using no internet
15 Month Free Forever IKS
Free APOLLO IPTV, Free Sham IPTV, you can access various international channels including IPin BeinSport channels!
ምክንያት The reason I choose the LIFESTAR receiver is that it has a 12-month warranty if you have any problems with the receiver.
ያደርጋል Biss key and Power Vu Autoroll is very fast especially when PowerVU Autoroll does not take at least 3 seconds!
Unlock the CONAX System so you can access PTV Sport and other channels!
One of the most important is that BEOUTQ Sport unlocks the Internet without interruption, and
even the first time it does not open the Internet for me, all you have to do is install the new software!
It also opens with Nilesat OSN and Aflam Package!
ይ Unlocks in Arabsat Bein HD!
opens channels like!
Other than that, any Normal receiver does everything it does!

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