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Download Digital Satellite Receiver OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD New Software 2021, OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD Firmware Update. OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD прошивка скачать 2021. OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD loader download. OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD dump flash file and OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD Specifications.

OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD Firmware Download.

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OPENBOX S3 MICRO HD Specifications:

Openbox® S3 Micro HD is a low-cost HDTV set-top box built on the ALI 3510 processor. A modern installation is provided behind the TV, which allows you to hide the set-top box and wires, thereby not violating the aesthetics in your room.


  • Model Name: OPENBOX S3 Micro HD
  • MPEG4/MPEG2 HD/SD, DVB-S/DVB-S2 standards compatibility.
  • Full HDTV receiver with Time Shift function.
  • Recording and playback in external USB-disc or Flash-drive (USB 2.0).
  • Multi-satellite rapid search.
  • Input frequency range 950-2150 MHz.
  • Bit rate range 1 – 90 Msps.
  • Demodulation QPSK, 8 PSK.
  • Multipurpose input SCPC and MCPC in C/Ku band.
  • Rapid channel switch.
  • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocols support.
  • Possibility to separate Time Shift and Recording functions using different USB storage devices.
  • Complete TV Guide (EPG).
  • Full channel viewing system (broadcasting standard, exact symbol rate, video, and audio bitrates, presence, and description of CAS).
  • 2*USB 2.0 Host port (up to 4 devices per USB Hub).
  • Multimedia files playback XViD, DivX, MKV, etc.
  • MP3 player and JPEG-viewer.
  • Full-color graphical user menu (interface) in 720P resolution.
  • Built-in file manager which allows managing multimedia files in connected USB storage devices with the possibility to rename / copy / delete files and create new folders (sections).
  • The most handy channel editor (move / delete / rename / sorting).
  • 12 favorite channels lists (favorites) with 500 channels per list.
  • Channel Blocker Parental Control Tool.
  • 1 smart-card slot.
  • Possibility to update software and edit/update / save the channel list using USB and RS-232 ports.
  • Different USB storage devices and multiplexers compatibility.
  • Multiuser interface OSD for (11 languages).
  • Hidden” subtitles system support via predetermined Teletext page number.
  • Support USB Wi-Fi dongles.
  • USB 3G Modems support.
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