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SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega New Software Update & Specifications

Download Digital Satellite Receiver SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega New Software 2021, SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega latest Software Update, SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega loader download. SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega dump flash file and SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega specifications and SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega Price.

Download SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega Latest Software Update.

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SuperStar SR-6565HD Mega Specifications:

  • The receiver is Full HD
  • It has two USB ports, one for flash and one for WiFi antenna
  •  The receiver has a free one-year Funcom server, which broadcasts Amos 4 ° W Yes HD, Yes SD, and Nilesat 7 ° W full OSN for free.
  • Benefits Apollo Includes Free One Month Apollo Includes many football and entertainment channels, including BeinSport.
  • Super Bolt uses IPTV
  •  Extreme IPTV is useful
  •  Use local IPTV
  •  YouTube uses quality without interruption
  •  Reads Amharic, for example, files written in Amharic on Flash, items written in Amharic on YouTube.
  • It has Net Radio, which means you can listen to all the radio channels in the world for free
  • Unlocks the MBC Package channels on EthioSat (NSS 57 ° E)
  • Dolby Digital Sound Unlocked This means that most channels on OSN have Dolby audio system so you can open it with this receiver
  • If you need new software you can do Online Update
  • You can use SDS as Slave
  • You can watch any channel by clicking the Audio button on the remote and listening to the best radio channels in our country such as Bisrat, Sheger, Ethio FM
  • If you are installing software on your receiver if the lights go out or your receiver breaks, you can launch it with Flash.bin only.
  • If you have lost or corrupted the software, you can easily get the receiver remote in the market.
  • The receiver is useful for G-M Screen App, which means you can use it as a remote on your phone and also as a satellite finder if your dish is damaged.
  • It has a QR Code on the receiver which will show you the correct website of the receiver and when you scan the QR code it will take you to the correct SuperStar website.
  • The receiver has a valid one-year warranty from the company.
  • The price from which we can buy all this benefit from the receiver is very fair
  • The receiver is original.

SuperStar SR-6565 HD Mega New Software

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