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Freesky The Rock Zion Software Update and Specifications

Download Freesky The Rock Zion Satellite Receiver Latest Software. Receptor Freesky The Rock Zion IPTV Box. Download Freesky The Rock Zion Update 2020, Freesky The Rock Zion Update 2021. Freesky The Rock Zion recovery, Freesky The Rock Zion Receiver Specifications, Features, and Reviews.

AC Freesky The Rock Zion HD Wi-Fi Receiver Specifications:


Freesky The Rock Zion HD Receiver with Included Wi-Fi Adapter + ACM Technology
Hybrid Receiver – Works with Antenna system or with Net Cable TV. The device has three specific tuners for each function. The first tuner is for searching conventional channels using SKS with two antennas and IKS with one antenna and the internet.

The second is to unlock the channels in the SKS function, releasing the keys, which can be done using a network cable or the wireless receiver. The third is for the UHF digital antenna, it is the digital converter function. In addition to the programming of the TV channels, you can also enjoy your favorite movies and series with Video On Demand and Youtube. The device is ACM and has h265 technology providing the same image quality as an H.264 video, however, the use of 35% fewer bytes, making videos easier to upload over the internet.

Brand: Freesky
Model: Triple X
Color: Black
High Performance
Image Quality Full HP 1080p
Super Easy to use
OnDemand Exclusive Freesky
Support IKS Free / SKS Free
Technology: ACM / CCM
Codec HEVC H.265 High-Efficiency Video Coding
Simultaneous viewing of a channel and recording on the same TP
Closed Caption
Diseqc 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 (Usuals)
HDMI-Digital interface for perfect transmission of image and sound
Programming – EPG 07 days
Capacity Memory for up to 8,000 TV and Radio channels
8 Programmable Channel List Groups
External Wi-Fi (USB)
Applications Youtube, FTP, Weather Forecast, and Google Maps
Photo Interface with Picasa, Yahoo, and Flickr
Compatible with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G networks

Freesky The Rock Zion Satellite Receiver

Freesky The Rock Zion Software Update

Freesky The Rock Zion Latest Firmware Download.

So Download the Freesky The Rock Zion Update Software Below For free.

File Name
Freesky The Rock Zion atualização 2021 V.108.133 – 15/04/2021
12 downloads43 mb
April 15, 2021
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