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Gx6605s HW203 Software Update – F1F2 Receivers Software

today we will share with you the  Gx6605s HW203 software or F1F2 RECEIVERS Software Collection. In Pakistan, it is Known as Gx 6605s HW203 Receiver or F1F2 RECEIVERS. National Chip is Providing Multiple Hardware to Digital Satellite Receivers Lovers but in this post, we will share the Gx6605s HW203 Software Collection. Gx 6605s HW203 4MB or F1F2 Receiver are Using In Maximum Countries in Nowadays.

We will try to cover all Gx 6605s HW203 Receiver all Software for download. The Gx6605s HW203 Hardware is just like a Universal board because you can install plenty of different kinds and beautiful software of other Model Receivers having the Gx 6605s Chip. Gx 6605s HW203 software is coming with plenty of new features. and these all features might be different in each software, Like ECAST Feature, DLNA Feature, SAT2IP feature, etc.

for knowing in details about the ECAST and DLNA feature please visit HERE. also Gx 6605s HW203 Some software has the DVB FINDER Feature. with the help of that feature, you can watch your Satellite Receiver display on your smartphone screen. DVB FINDER will help you during the Setup of the Satellite DISH Antenna

Gx6605s HW203 Receivers MotherBoard.


How to Install the GX6605s HW203 New Software?

Installation of the New software is very simple. you can install your favorite software through USB flash. Gx 6605s HW203 Software has Different Hardware version Like HW203.00.001, HW203.00.006, and So on. if you will face an error occurred during Installation, please match the New Software Hardware Version with your Old One. for that you can use HEX EDITOR App from the play store or use HEX Workshop on your PC. Open the software In HEX and GO To Address 1F023 here you will see your software Hardware Version. Just Match the boat Software Hardware Version ID and that is. if you are still unable to do that please watch that video HERE. may it will help you.

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