Echolink T10 Pro & Neosat T12 Pro Max Loader – Gx6605H Loader

Echolink T10 Pro Loader Download. Neosat T12 Pro Max loader, All Gx6605H Loader Download. RS232 Loader Tool for All gx6605h Receivers. we will talk about the above topics in this post. As you know there are multiple Processors of National Chip. So today I’m going to share the RS232 Loader tool for the National Chip Gx6605H Hardware.

the Following Hardware Is Using for a long time in the Satellite Market. But In the Pakistani Market, it’s Recently Introduced, through the Echolink T10 Pro and Neosat T12 Pro Max Digital Satellite Receivers. We already Share about the Following Receiver In Our Previous Post, which You Can Read Here.

However, let’s talk about the Gx6605H Loader. So below I’m Going to Share the Gx6605h loader for Download. Before Download the Loader you have to know about the Method of that loader, How to use this loader for your Echolink t10 pro Receiver, Neosat T12 Pro Receiver, Or any Kind of Gx6605H Receiver.

How to Use Gx6605H Loader?

After Downloading the loader file with the name of Echolink T10 Pro loader or Gx6605h loader from the link below, use WinRAR or 7zip software to unzip the file.
Now Open The GxDowbloader_boot file. The loader will Open.
Now Select the

    1. Chip Type with Other.
    2. Select the Boot File Section with ” Gx6605H1-sflash.boot“.
    3. Now Select the Serial Port, the Serial Port of Your RS232 Cable in Your Computer or Laptop. It will Show In Device Manager Section on Your Computer.
    4. Now Select the Mode Section as Serialdown.
    5. Select the Selection tab with All Option.
    6. In File Section, you have to Browse the Software which you want to install in your Dish Satellite Receiver, see the below picture.

echolink t10 pro loader

Echolink T10 Pro & Neosat T12 Pro Max Loader

After Completing the Above Process Now Click On the Start Button. When you click on Start Button the Loader will ask for Authentication for the First Time. Make sure to Allo this. Now Restart Your Satellite Receiver. After Restarting the Upgrade Process Will Be Start Automatically. During Upgrading the Software the Receiver Display will Show Boot Option. After Completing the Loader Process 100%, wait For the Completed Pop-up Window. After that Restart Again Your Receiver.
Congratulations You Have done everything Successfully. below you can Download the Neosat T12 Pro Max Loader and the Echolink T10 Pro loader. Enjoy and Stay Connect with Khan Dish Network.

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