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Satellite Receiver Vanstar V8 Extreme Software 2021-2022. Vanstar V8 Extreme Receiver Latest Software Download. Vanstar V8 Extreme Firmware. Also, Read Vanstar V8 Extreme Specifications. Vanstar V8 Extreme dump flash file and loader download.

The Vanstar V8 Extreme HD is a digital satellite Receiver. which is recently launched by the Vanstar receivers Company (Ethiopia). Vanstar V8 Extreme HD comes with National Chip Gx6605s Processor. this receiver Providing Some good Server and IPTV packages to their customers for a limited time without any cost. Below I’m sharing the feature of the New Vanstar V8 Extreme HD.

Vanstar V8 Extreme HD Review.

The menu system is similar to IBox 3030 PINK MENU is very popular with dish makers Best quality graphics is best for flat TV quality. One of the best things about any receiver is the remote. The original strong and beautiful remote with the Vanstar receiver. Front The front panel is open, it has a button and flash plug when opened.

Vanstar V8 Extreme HD Sat2IP Feature:

At Sat2IP works and if you want to watch two channels on one receiver at the same time, using a VLC player you can easily watch one channel on TV and another channel on your phone. YouTube works well using the internet.

It has MY HD IPTV, which can be downloaded in the most popular Arab countries. It has a full DSTV package, including AOL TV & BEIN SPORT, BT SPORT, as well as a folder with Netflix and a separate catalog of children and series. has channels in different countries. Surprisingly, the code can be installed on any Android device.

1 MB /Sec Dstv is easily used. it has Also, like other receivers, Iptv has Extreme IPTV, Stalker IPTV, as well as an IPTV M3U file. The orange server has this new server and for the first time the G-Share serve has been installed as the first superstar (Vanstar) for our country and still the new Orange IKS with the Vanstr v8 extreme to be released Amos @ 4w or YES SPORT package works seamlessly in addition to Mgcam, You can also use Cccam server in this receiver.

MBC Package Audio Vanstar V8 Extreme HD:

As you know, on many receivers Ethiopsat on Mbc2, Mbc action, Mbc 3 not all Mbc package sound. but it works well on all Vanstar models and in the future, if it sounds like Horn sport does not work it can work with this receiver.

If You install the wrong software at any time or if the receiver crashes due to a software problem, you can download and fix the original software only by flash it without any problems by renaming the file with Gxrom. So, in short, I will say It is a good option for dish technicians, Specially In Ethiopia. Buy it and try it, You will definitely like it.

Vanstar V8 Extreme HD Price In Ethiopia:

The Following Vanstar V8 extreme HD receiver is Surprisingly cheap in price, according to the features which I discussed. you can buy this receiver with all these amazing features in just 950 to 1100 ET BIRR In Ethiopia.

Vanstar V8 Extreme HD

VANSTAR V8 EXTREME HD Specifications:

  • CPU: Gx6605s/1GB RAM/ 8MB flash
  • Dvb-s/Dvb-s2/MPEG-2/MPEG4/H265 compliant
  • OrangeCam IKS
  • Support Sat2IP
  • Youtube
  • TANDBERG, Biss Key, POWER VU, and all other keys system
  • has 2 USB Port

VANSTAR V8 EXTREME HD new software.

below I am going to share the Vanstar V8 Extreme HD All Software including the upcoming software collection for the following receiver. you will find all the upcoming software in this article. be noted that the above-shared features are coming with the new device. Every satellite receiver manufacturer is adding new features to every new software. so you will enjoy some other new features with new software.

Vanstar V8 Extreme HD loader:

during wrong software or in case of another mistake if your receiver Vanstar V8 Extreme HD goes Red light or dead, so in most conditions, the USB flash method will work for you. you have to rename the original V8 extreme software with the name of GxRom, copy to USB flash, insert USB in the receiver and restart your box, the process will be started automatically. if it does not work for you, do not worry you can also use Loader and RS232 serial cable, as usual, you are using for other Gx receivers. I am also sharing the Loader for the Vanstar V8 Extreme HD Receiver Below.

How to Install the software.

You can install the following software through USB flash. although the receiver has also the online upgrade feature for upgrading new software through the internet inside your receiver.

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    What is the PC Guioxin GX Downloader compatible with the VanSTAR HD v8Extreme?

    1. Khan Dish Network
      Khan Dish Network says

      dear Check the post again I added the loader for the Vanstar V8 extreme

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