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Lion CA S2X CS8001 Software Update – 09/03/2021

Lion CA S2X CS8001 New Software 2021, Lion CA S2X CS8001 4MB new Software 2021, CS8001 software download, Solid 2100 Pro Software Update, CS8001 software march 2021, HSB151-8001-01(B) New Software. In this post, we are gonna share with you a new software for download. see below the complete details about each feature of the following software.

1- Hardware

there is much hardware in the Lion CA_S2X CPU in the market, but in this post, I am going to share the Lion_CA S2X CS8001 Chipset 4MB software. you can install this software in every Lion C_S2X CS8001 Hardware but be noted may your Receiver’s remote Control will different. so you have to fix the remote control according to your receiver. for changing the remote control you can use the Flash editor tool.

Lion CA s2x cs8001

2- Server Options:

the Following software has the below option for Card Sharing.

  • FerrariShare
  • Bluecam
  • Tshare
  • Cccam

Lion CA s2x cs8001

3- Solid 2100 Pro Software Update Ethernet Connection:

So the most important thing nowadays is the internet. So therefore if you want to watch paid Channels through satellite receivers you need internet in your receiver for card sharing. For that purpose different satellite receiver companies using different methods for sharing the internet with the receiver.

(1) 3g network : ( which is working with 3g,4g mobile USB). (2) wifi network: and with this method, you can share the internet with your receiver from any external wifi connection. (3) GPRS network: and with this method, you can share the internet with your receiver by inserting a mobile sim card directly. (4) USB network: and with this method, you can share the internet from your mobile phone to your receiver through a charging cable. (5)  Wire Network. with the help of the wire network feature, you can connect the internet with your receiver through insert direct your landline DSL internet cable.

the following software has the below options for ethernet connectivity.

  • Wifi Network
  • 3G/4G Network
  • Lan Network

Lion CA s2x cs8001

4- Lion CA S2X CS8001 New Software IPTV Options:

the following software has below IPTV options.

  • m3u file
  • AlShams IPTV
  • Xtream IPTV

Lion CA s2x cs8001

5- Supported wifi device:

the following software is supported RT5370 Drivers Supported wifi device for internet connectivity. Download the following Lion CA S2X CS8001 New Software 2021 by clicking the below download button.


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  1. Tees says

    Remote file editing is not working. 4 different IR blocks inside this bin file. Which to edit l? Also size is different. Help

  2. Dogowa says

    Pls I need software for this receiver version
    Loader version. V1.7.6 1
    Default db. V1.2.0.0
    Application Fac_2020_v1.0.25

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