Mediastar Phoenix 4K New Software Update

Digital Satellite Tv Receiver Mediastar Phoenix 4K New Software 2021, Mediastar Phoenix 4K Specifications. Mediastar Phoenix 4K Price and Mediastar Mediastar Phoenix 4K Reviews. we will talk about the above topics in this particular post.

Mediastar Phoenix 4k Latest Software Update.

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FAC Mediastar Phoenix PATCH V1.7.19 – 28/03/2021
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March 28, 2021

Mediastar Phoenix 4K UHD receiver is the second hybrid satellite and IPTV receiver in 2020. The company seems to be competitive, advance, and keep improving technologically and come out with something useful. The South Korean company later released a new Mediastar Phoenix 4K Hybrid and satellite receiver to the market. It comes with improved integrated features which include a 5G WiFi network, a high-quality picture of 4K ultra H.D. at 10bit, 60fps, Air Sync Remote Z, and a preloaded M-Share server powered by Mediastar company.

Mediastar Phoenix 4k software


The Mediastar Phoenix is a 4k Supported Android base satellite Receiver. It’s own by Mediastar Company. Mediastar Phoenix comes with a Hisilicon 3798MV200 Quad-Core 1.6GHz processor. this receiver Providing Some good Server and IPTV packages to their customers for a limited time without any cost. Below I’m sharing the list of all the Packages and features of the following receiver.

Mediastar Phoenix Review.

the following receiver is coming with the below basic features. some extra features May added to the new software. It has M-Share Server free for 12 months to run all encrypted channels for a specific period. it has also an IPTV Package list like Forever IPTV, Forever VOD free for 12 months from the beginning of activation. 

you can recharge the server or IPTV Package by paying additional charges. When you want to buy the receiver and buy a code, you can easily get the code by sending the receiver’s Mac address to the code seller.

Mediastar Phoenix 4k specification:

  • CPU: Hisilicon 3798MV200 Quad-Core 1.6GHz
  • 16GB Internal Memory with 2GB DDR4 SDRAM High-Speed memory
  • Upgraded and powerful tuner with the ability to amplify weak signals
  • Has 12 months of free internet sharing on the M-Share server
  • Has a 12 months free account for all Forever-IPTV packages
  • Ability to import Active Code cards available in the market and use M-Share sharing
  •  It has an Android 7 operating system
  • Optimized software with easy to use, smooth, bug-free, and full of pure Media Star ideas, with excellent support
  • 4K 60fps support capability
  • Support all types of resolution
  • 576i 50Hz, 576P 50Hz, 720P 50Hz, 1080P 24Hz, 1080P 25Hz, 1080i 50Hz, 1080P 50Hz, 2160 25Hz, 2160 50Hz
  • Image processing engine with hardware capability to eliminate noise and image skipping
    PQ Impact Engine 2.0
  • Ability to image in the image and play two 4K channels simultaneously
  • Hardware and software support for BT.2020, BT709, and HDR / HLG / WCG color spectrum
  • it Supports for VP9 codec with a 10-bit color depth
  • Support for 3D channels, multi-stream as well as DVD-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, H265, 4K 60fs frequencies
  • Support for Dollby, Dollby +, AAC, DTS-HD audio
  • The storage capacity of 20,000 TV and radio channels
  • Has a new remote control with the ability to adjust and set with other RCU Learning controls and devices
  • Has internal Bluetooth and WiFi with support for two frequency bands Combo Dual Band, 2.4GHZ, 5GHZ
  • It has a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port along with SD Card Port
  • Network Drive, Samba, DLNA capability
  • Support for all types of mice, game controllers as well as external digital receivers
  • It has a CA card reader port
  • Support for DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 usuals
  • Excellent support for all types of CCcam protocols, and support for all kind of encryption keys like PowerVu, Biss Keys, Tandberg keys, etc
  • Ability to display bitcoin and install picon (channel logo)
  • Luxury panel with white and beautiful VFD display with new and quality materials channels
  • Internal power supply with AV output
  • it has the ability to use VPN
  • Full support for Persian and Arabic languages ​​and other languages
  • You can translate online movies and satellite programs into Persian, Arabic, and other languages
  • you can install the program from a dedicated market as well as Google Play
  • Ability to update via USB as well as Media Star internet server
  • Ability to troubleshoot software problems via USB at boot time, without the use of cables and loaders
  • Support for Kodi, My-TvOnline, Forever-IPTV, m3u, m3u8
  • Support 3G modem SIM card modem
  • Ability to adjust two different info bar designs
  • South Korean technology and many other small and large features, which make the use of this receiver enjoyable for any user.

Mediastar Phoenix 4k Price:

as you know the price of anything is not fixed in any country, and it could be different in each country. but I can tell you the mediastar phoenix 4k price approximately on online stores. mostly online stores offering $150 for this receiver.

Mediastar Phoenix 4k specifications

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