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Hello and welcome to the Satellite Finder Software Download Page. In this article, we’ll discuss Satellite Finder or satellite meter new software, Specifications, etc.

What’s Satellite Finder:

If you are a satellite dish fitter or a satellite hunting lover, then you heard about a Satellite finder or Satellite meter. For any Satellite hunting or Receiving, we need a Satellite dish, Satellite Receiver, and LED or TV for checking live signal.

So it’s difficult to handle LED TV and Receiver again and again for dish Satellite set. So for that purpose, the satellite finder is the best option for you.

Satellite finder will give you easy Signal catching with a complete Display and live channel running facility. You can catch any Satellite signal very easily through a Satellite finder.

You will see your signal status, you can search channels of any Satellite you want, you can add the channel, you can edit, move, etc. Anything you can do as your Satellite Receiver.

The best feature is the backup. You don’t need to attach your satellite finder with electricity during the dish setup. A satellite finder will give you a good backup so you can work without any tension on your dish hunting.

Below I’m sharing with you most using Satellite Finder Software collections for download, and also with complete specifications. I’ll add more and more models from time to time in the same post here. There are lots of Satellite Finder in the Market in every country.

I’ll add some popular ones here for now. You can also request your required satellite finder software by clicking here. So I’ll add the new software for your satellite Finder.

ModelFile NameDownload
phd 11100PREMIUM HD 11100 20210301Downlaod
Satellite Finder SoftwarePREMIUM HD 11000 20210305Downlaod
PHD 10900PREMIUM HD 10900 20210305Downlaod
PHD 10900PREMIUM HD 10900 20200902Downlaod
PHD 10900PREMIUM HD 10900 20200722Downlaod
PHD 10900PREMIUM HD 10900 20200408Downlaod
Twinkler Sf-620S softwareTwinkler SF-620S 20200917Downlaod
Twinkler Sf-620S softwareTwinkler SF-620S 20200817Downlaod
Twinkler Sf-999 proTwinkler SF-999 Pro 20190114Downlaod

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