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1506lv new software download with full specifications

Hello, viewers in this post I’m going to share with you one of the Sunplus processor family processors 1506lv new software download collections along with specifications and reviews.

1506lv new software download

Sunplus technology providing bundles of different satellite receiver models in the satellite market with different processors.

but in this particular post, I am going to share one of that sunplus 1506lv 8MB. Below I’m sharing the list of all the Packages and features of the following processor.

Sunplus 1506lv Review.

there are lots of models in the satellite market with the sunplus 1506lv processor, and it has different names in each country, but the processor is the same.

and you can install the sunplus 1506lv new software of any model in your 1506lv 8MB box. the hardware receiver is coming with the below basic features. some extra features May added to the new software.

Server Options

Sunplus receiver manufacturer providing different servers according to the satellite packages in each country to run all encrypted channels for a specific period. so these hardware 1506lv 8MB are coming with Dqcam server, Dscam server, Goda server, G-share plus server, Nashare Pro Server, Tcam server, etc. so the servers options might be different in each software. in this post I will try to cover and provide mostly models in satellite market that comes with sunplus 1506lv 8MB.

1506lv new software download

IPTV Packages

these models also providing bundles of IPTV Packages, and the IPTV Packages also are different in different software. by the way, you can also recharge the server or IPTV Package by paying additional charges. you can easily get the code by sending the receiver’s Mac address to the code seller.

Technical Specifications:

  • CPU: Sunplus 1506lv
  • 8MB flash/ ROM: 1GB DDR3
  • Dvb-s/Dvb-s2/MPEG-2/MPEG4/H265 compliant
  • CVBS/HDMI Supported
  • USB 2.0 Supported, Support PVR, Multimedia Player
  • DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (USUAL) Supported
  • EPG Supported
  • Support Full HD HDMI 1.4 2
  • USB 2.0 Port + Rs232 Cable port
  • 2 AV & HDMI 1080P output
  • Internet connection via WIFI & 3G, GPRS, and Cable Internet
  • YouTube with Multi-language searches
  • Ecast
  • Supports online update
  • Simultaneous translation feature

it also has Tandberg, Biss Key, and Power Vu Keys Supported. The other interesting thing is that the Ecast App is installed on the receiver, you can easily connect your phone to the receiver according to the Ecast application that is installed on your receiver, you can easily watch movies, music, photos on your phone and also watch various websites YouTube, BBC, CNN, ETC You can easily see them. This application also allows you to use your phone as a remote if your receiver remote is lost.

Multimedia Option Secret Code.

Note that if you missed the server name list on this receiver, log in to Multimedia and click 1506 on your Remote, the list will be visible. This receiver is less expensive in terms of benefits.

1506lv new software download.

below I am going to share the latest software collection for all sunplus 1506lv software download-2020 download in a table format. you will find all the upcoming software in this article. be noted that the above-shared features are coming with the new device.  every satellite receiver manufacturer is adding new features in every new software. so you will enjoy some other new features with new software.

How to Install the software.

You can install the following software through USB flash. if You are facing the No match file error during software upgrading, do not worry you can fix this error easily by following this post, Click HERE. although the receiver has also the online upgrade feature for upgrading new software through the internet inside your receiver.

Sunplus 1506lv new software

ScreenShotModel/File NameSW DateWifi DeviceDownload
starsat 2020 hyper new software2Neosat Plus 2020 Hyper 1506lv SCB5 V10.03.01 GPRS, IMEI02-04-2020External wifiDownload
starsat 2020 hyper new software2Echolink I5000 1506lv SCB5 V10.03.01 GPRS, IMEI02-04-2020External wifiDownload
starsat 2020 hyper new software2Echolink El-5050 1506lv SCB5 V10.03.01 GPRS, IMEI02-04-2020External wifiDownload
1506lv built-in wifi software11506lv SCB1 V10.11.30 Dolby Ok04-12-2020Internal wifiDownload
1506lv built-in wifi software1Echolink E-I7000 Plus 1506lv SCB1 V10.11.30 Dolby Ok04-12-2020Internal wifiDownload
1506lv built-in wifi receiver software1506lv SCB5 V 9.09.2122-10-2019Internal wifiDownload
Star treck super 9990 Star Treck Super 9990 1506lv SGF1 V 10.02.1617-03-2020Internal wifiDownload
Neosat plus 2020 hyper softwareNeosat Plus 2020 Hyper 1506lv Gprs, IMEi26-10-2020External wifiDownload
1506tv built-in wifi software1506lv To 1506tv Converted SVC1 V10.06.2324-07-2020Internal wifiDownload
Echolink el-5050 1506lv new softwareEcholink El-5050 1506lv SCW2 V10.07.15 GPRS, IMEI15-08-2020External wifiDownload
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-16 at 5.45.51 PMNeosat I5000 Pro Max 1506lv SCD3 V9.09.13 GPRS12-05-2020External wifiDownload
9Matrix 2020 Pro 1506lv SOA2 V10.03.2930-04-2020External wifiDownload
Sunplus 1506lv to 1506tv Converted SoftwareSunplus 1506lv Future 5400 Pro SOA1 V10.07.2728-08-2020External wifiDownload
91506lv INFINITY SAT 9977 PRO SLA1 V10.07.2728-08-2020External wifiDownload
Sunplus 1506lv to 1506tv Converted Software1506lv To 1506tv Converted Software SOA2 V10.06.2324-07-2020External wifiDownload
Neosat i5000 Pro MaxNeosat I5000 Pro Max1506LV SCB1 V10.06.01 IMEI, GPRS02-07-2020External wifiDownload
Neosat i5000i Pro 1506lvNeosat I5000i Pro 1506lv SCB1 V10.02.24 IMEi, GPRS25-03-2020External wifiDownload
1506TV SOFTWAREOpen Box Signature Plus 1506lv SCB3 V 10.05.2930-06-2020Internal wifiDownload
1506LV SOFTWARELoad Problem SolutionDownload
1506LV SOFTWAREOpenBox Genius Plus 1506Lv SCB3 V 10.05.2829-06-2020External wifiDownload

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