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Star net Q999 New Software download, Sunplus 1507g 1G 8MB

Hello, viewers in this post I’m going to share with you one of the Sunplus processor family Receiver Star net Q999 specifications along with new software.

star net q999

The Star net Q999 is a digital satellite Receiver. It’s own by Egyptian Company. Star net Q999 comes with Sunplus 1507G Processor. It has a 1Gb ram with an 8MB flash. You can also install Sunplus 1506g 8MB Software into the Star net Q999.

You can also install the same Processor Sunplus 1507g 1G 8Mb Software into the Star net Q999. Star net Q999 Providing Some good Server and IPTV packages to their customers for a limited time without any cost. Below I’m sharing the list of all the Packages and features of Star net Q999.

Star net Q999 Specifications and Reviews.

the following receiver is coming with the below basic features. some extra features May added to the new software.
it has different Servers that comes with that following receiver. Dqcam, Tcam, Nashare pro, gshare plus, Go-sat plus, Gold audio, Star audio, safari TV pro. some of these come free of cost for the specific time when you buy the new receiver.

it has also a big IPTV Package list like Ferrari IPTV, Dragon IPTV, lion IPTV, etc. you can recharge the server by paying additional charges. When you want to buy the receiver and buy a code, you can easily get the code by sending the receiver’s Mac address to the code seller.

it has Tandberg, Biss Key, and Power Vu Keys Supported. 2 USB Ports available.
all WiFi Devices Supported. H265 Format Videos Supported. The other interesting thing is that the Ecast App is installed on the receiver.

you can easily connect your phone to the receiver according to the Ecast application that is installed on your receiver, you can easily watch movies, music, photos on your phone and also watch various websites YouTube, BBC, CNN, ETC You can easily see them. This application also allows you to use your phone as a remote if your receiver remote is lost.

Multimedia Option Secret Code.

Note that if you missed the server name list on this receiver, log in to Xcam and click 1512 on your Remote, the list will be visible. This receiver is less expensive in terms of benefits.

Star net Q999 new software.

below I am going to share the latest software collection for the following receiver. you will find all the upcoming software in this article. be noted that the above-shared features are coming with the new device.  every satellite receiver manufacturer is adding new features in every new software. so you will enjoy some other new features with new software.

How to Install.

You can install the following software through USB flash. in case of No match file error, you have to replace your current software customer ID with the following software customer iD. if you don’t know how to change the customer id, Click HERE

Star net Q999 New Software

Version PicFile NameS/W DateWhat's New?Downlaod
Starnet Q999 New SoftwareStarnet Q999 1507G 1G 8MB V 13.02.0102-01-2021Downlaod
Starnet Q999 softwareStarnet Q999 1507G 1G 8MB V 12.12.1717-12-2020Downlaod
Starnet Q999 New SoftwareStarnet Q999 1507G 1G 8MB V12.08.1515-08-2020Downlaod
Starnet Q999 New SoftwareStarnet Q999 1507G 1G 8MB V12.08.0608-06-2020Downlaod

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  1. Rafi says

    I need dk 1. 01 1506g software
    I tried many software and change id customer but always gave me error just senatore 888 succsesed but ints old verion

  2. Ikram Dirujii says

    Dear You can install in 8mb 1506g not in 4mb

  3. Ashraf says

    Is this software suitable for 1506 g processor as well?

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