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Hello, viewers today I’m going to Share With You how to use a montage Loader? How to use USB to TTL? And how to use rs232 to TTL?

What’s USB to TTL?

May you have used the RS232 cable for the injection of software in your satellite Receiver. So the USB to TTL is also a serial cable that we can use to inject the software into our satellite Receiver. The USB to TTL or RS 232 to TTL is used mostly for the montage Processor. So in this post, I’m going to Share With You how you can use the USB to TTL for the montage Processor. I’ll show the process on Montage cs8001s 4Mb processor in this Post. But you can apply the method as per your hardware, by just changing the platform. So follow me.

1- USB to TTL.

You have to arrange the USB to TTL Device. You can search your local market or It’s also available easily on online stores at a cheap price. So if you are using a laptop, you have to arrange this device must. You can also use this device on a PC.

2- RS 232 to TTL.

This is another important device for this Process the RS232 to TTL. You can check in the local market or can buy from online stores. This price is also cheap, not much. If you are using a laptop or even a PC, the RS232 to TTL Cable Is a must for completing the process of montage loader use.


3- RS232 Mini Jacket.

For doing all these Processes Our Receiver has must the Rs232 Jacket or Port. So in Now days mostly Receivers are coming without External RS232 Port. In that case, we need to Inject another Mini Rs232 Cable inside our Receiver. You can also take this mini Rs232 cable from any dish Satellite Receiver mechanic shop or you can also remove it from any other old Receiver

rs232 jacket

How to connect RS232 to TTL with USB to TTL Device.

After arranging the above components now it’s time to configure the setup. You will find 4 pins on the RS232 to TTL device with the name VCC, RXD, TXD, GND. And if you see on the USB to TTL you Will see 6 pins with the name of VCC, RXD, TXD, GND, 3V3, and 5V.

You have to add the yellow color jumper on Pin number VCC and 3V3. Now Connect the connections as same as shown below in the picture. Now Connect the RS232 to TTL cable to the Rs232 mini jacket, and insert the USB to TTL Device on a laptop or PC. Now select the Com Port. If your com port driver is missing then install the drivers from the link below.

montage loader

Now Open the montage Loader, and select the com Port, mostly it will select automatically if your com port driver is installed properly. After selecting the port, click on the open button. Select the platform, in my case, I have a cs8001s 4MB processor so I’ll select the SYMPHONY-UPG DDR2.
Now Checkmark on Erase all option, select the software which you want to install in your Receiver, by clicking the three dots. Select your Software and now click the start button and turn off your Receiver and turn on it again. Now you have to wait and in a while, your Software installation Process will start, if everything is fine. That’s it.

montage loader

Ch340 USB Serial Port Drivers


Montage New Loader


for more details watch the video.

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