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All Universal LED/LCD board firmware download

Hello Viewers here You will find all Universal LED board firmware. you will find here all china and original led board  firmware for download,

all files of ” Universal LED/LCD board firmware ” will be downloaded in ” .rar ” or ” .zip ” format, you have to extract your firmware after downloading by using WinRAR, or 7zip.

Might some files will be in multiple parts. if you don’t find your required firmware here, you can send us a request by using our Contact us form, or our Request Software form and we will try to add your requested firmware to our site for you.

Khan Dish Network will never responsible for any damage or loss during in case of upgrading your firmware to your device.

Universal LED board firmware

MotherBoardFile nameDownload
HK.T.RDA8503P538HK.T.RDA8503P538 1366x768Download
HK.T.RDA8503P538HK.T.RDA8503P538 1366x768 SamsungDownload
HK.T.RDA8503P538HK.T.RDA8503P538 1366x768 SonyDownload
HDV59S-AL V2.0HDV59S-AL V2.0Download
GSD59ITO-V1.0GSD59ITO-V1.0 SoftwareDownload
GSD59ITO-V1.0GSD63SIT0-V1.1 SoftwareDownload
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1024x768Download
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1920x1200Download
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1920x1080Download
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1680x1050Download
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1600x1200Download
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1440x900Download
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1280x1024Download
DS.D3663LUA.A8-1-ADS.D3663LUA.A8-1-A 1366x768Download
T.R85.031T.R85.031 firmware all resolutionDownload
CVMV29L-F DEXPCVMV29L-F DEXP 16A3000 firmwareDownload
CVMV29L-F DEXPCVMV29L-F DEXP LED22D5 firmwareDownload
CVMV29L-F DEXPCVMV29L-F DEXP F22B3000E firmwareDownload
CVMV29L-F DEXPCVMV29L-F DEXP H24C3000E firmwareDownload
CVMV29L-F DEXPCVMV29L-F DEXP 19A3000 firmwareDownload
CVMV29L-F DEXPCVMV29L-F DEXP 22A7000 firmwareDownload
CVMV29L-FCVMV29L-F firmware 1366x768 Samsung BackupDownload
CVMV29L-FCVMV29L-F firmware 1366x768 Sony BackupDownload
CVMV29L-FCVMV29L-F firmware 1920x1080 Sony BackupDownload
CVMV29L-FCVMV29L-F firmware 1920x1080 Samsung BackupDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-A firmwareDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-E firmwareDownload
CV3463GL-XCV3463GL-X SoftwareDownload
CV181H-dCV181H-D firmware all resolutionDownload
CV181H-ACV181H-A firmware all resolutionDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-F firmwareDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-L firmwareDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-K firmwareDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-J firmwareDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-G firmwareDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-D firmwareDownload
CV59L-ACV59L-C firmwareDownload
CV56XL-LCV56XL-L firmware all resolutionDownload
ATV.V59.A81.13ATV.V59.A81.13 firmware all resolutionDownload
T.R85.03T.R85.03 firmware all resolutionDownload
T.R85.03T.R85.03 V001 firmware all resolutionDownload
SKR.A8-firmwareSKR.A8 firmware all resolutionDownload
RR8501RR8501 C031D firmware all resolutionDownload
RR8501RR8501.C031A.V60 firmware all resolutionDownload
RR8501RR8501.C671A firmware all resolutionDownload
RR8501RR8501.C801A firmware all resolutionDownload
RR8501RR8501.C031F firmware all resolutionDownload
RR8501RR8501.C031A.V50 firmware all resolutionDownload
GT.56J.01GT.56J.01 & GSD56JIT0-V2.1Download

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    Sir plz koldak 4k led android motherboard number cv960xh-a 50 ka software chaiye sir my contact number 9636750662 plz call

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