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EZP2019 Programmer Software download

Hello, viewers today I am going to share the EZP2019 Programmer Software download and ezp 2019 programmer specifications and features. you will also find the EZP 2019 USB Programmer driver and EZP2019 Programmer Supported chip list. it is the latest version of EZP 2010 High-speed programmer and EZP 2013 high-speed programmer.

New EZP2019+ High-Speed USB SPI Programmer is Better than EZP2013 EZP2010 Support 24 25 26 93 EEPROM 25 Flash Bios.

EZP2019 USB Programmer Specifications:

1. Appliance repair: suitable for household appliances maintenance industry flash color TV, DVD, computer motherboards, hard disk memory chips.
2. The product research and development: the company product research and development in the process of burning test chips.
3. The factory production: automatic offline copy function is particularly suited to factory mass-burn memory chips. I copied the pictures, features, and specifications from the aliexpress.

Ezp 2019 usb programmer software

EZP2019 USB Programmer features:

1. USB 2.0 interface, speed up to 12 MBPS.
2. Read and write speed is super fast, read EN25T80 as long as three seconds, write EN25T80 only in 9 seconds, the fastest is currently on the market for the BIOS chip programmer.
3. The automatic identification of the chip.
4. Automatically detect whether chip.
5. Automatic selection chip power supply voltage.
6. Automatic offline copy.
7. Support the PC software and programming device firmware upgrade.
8. To fully support 25 FLASH block, block 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM memory chips, block 93 EEPROM, etc.
9. Appearance is compact, easy to carry, and ordinary card about the size.
10 Support: for 24, 25, 93 series chips of almost all manufacturers on the market!

EZP2019 USB Programmer Driver.

you will find the EZP 2019 drivers inside the software folder, after unzipped or you also can download them separately from the below link.

EZP2019 USB Programmer New Software Update

below I am going to share with you the EZP2019 Programmer Software download.

December 19, 2020 - Count 863 Download
December 18, 2020 - Count 409 Download
April 18, 2020 - Count 177 Download
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