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ch341a programmer new software 8 december 2020 free download

Hello, Viewers Today I am going to share with you the ch341a programmer new software

What’s a ch341a programmer?

This low cast Ch341a USB programmer is designed to support 24 Eeprom and 25 spi flash 8 pins and 16 pins spi flash. It has installed the ch341a chip, which can recognize the EEPROM 24 and spi flash with indicator Green light to show that modules are working.

How to use ch341a programmer new software v

Step 1. ch341a programmer new software

Download the ch341a programmer new software from below the giving Download button. And extract the software through WinRAR or 7zip.
After that open the Programmer Software, and insert your ch341a USB programmer (including Chip ic ) to your pc/laptop, and click on Detect Chip Button.

Step 2.

Now we need to erase or delete all the exiting data from our Chip ic. So Click the erase IC button on the upper side of the programming Software, and wait for the process, after process Complete you will see the success message below.ch341a programmer new software

Step 3.

After erasing old data from your flash ic now we need to verify that our chip ic all data is deleted or not, so for that, we will click on the Check blank button, so we’ll get the success Message of process Completion.ch341a programmer new software

Step 4.

When our Chip got Completely blank now we need to move to step 4, in that step we need to open our Software which we want to install in our flash Ic.
So browse that Software file by clicking the Open Button and select the required Software.ch341a programmer new software


Step 5.

After Selecting the software now we need to install the new software to our flash ic, so for that, we need to click the program ic button, and wait for the process.ch341a programmer new software

ch341a programmer new software final step.

After getting the success Message now we’ll do our final step, in the final step we need to know that everything we’ve done is ok or not, so we need to verify our process, for that we will use the verify IC Button, and wait for the process.

ch341a programmer new software

How to make a backup from your flash ic using ch341a programmer.

If you want to save the backup of the existing data of your flash Ic so you can do it very easily in just 3 steps.

First of all, Detect your flash ic as we discussed above, and click on the Read IC Button, after processing Complete click on the save button top on the left corner, and then select the destination where you want to save your backup file. Give any name to your file and click on the save button, that’s it.

below I am going to share the ch341a new software for free download.

Download the chip list of ch341a new software.


Ch341a programmer new software V

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Ch341a Programmer New Software

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