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Gx6605s HW203 New Software Geo Network Ok No QR Code

Gx6605s HW203 new Software 

Model   HW203 Hardware all Version
Chipset Gx6605s 
Menu  Black
S/W Time  May 24, 2021
H/W Version  HW203.00 all Version 
Server   Cccam, Mgcam, Scam+
Sharing Network  wifi Network (5370)
m3u file   Supported 
IPTV     m3u file supported
Ecast Option   Not Available  
Hiden Menu Code  Press 8612 On Utility Menu
Extra Features
what’s New?

Today I’m going to share with you another software collection for the Gx6605s chipset receiver.

Complete details about new software new features

this software have a dark black menu theme.  


2- Server Options.

This software has the following options for server or card sharing.

  • Ccam
  • Mgcam
  • Scam+

If you wanna know more about Cccam servers then click Here.

Gx6605s HW203 new Software

  • Wifi network 5370

Gx6605s HW203 new Software

4- IPTV features.

the following software has below IPTV options.

  • Local IPTV
  • 7Star
  • SmartPlus
  • BestTv
  • Palsat IPTV

the Geo Network like Geo ME, Geo Super, Geo KAHANI, etc On Paksat 1R 38.0 East Is working on the following software through auto Keys, Connect the internet to your box and just stay on any of the Geo Network Channel and Press the F4 Button from your remote control, and wait for a while your channels will be run.

Important :

Gx6605s HW203 new Software
Gx6605s HW203 new Software

Please Select All Section before Installation, do not select the App Section.

Important .

Please do not Install if Your Gx6605s HW203 Receiver Has a Small flash Ic, If your Receiver has the Big Size IC then you Can Install it.

below I am going to share the Gx6605s HW203 Geo Network software for free download.

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