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one star x3 1506t new software SCW2 V 10.10.26 with Xcam Server

one star x3 1506t new software

 Model one star x3
Chipset Sunplus 1506t 4MB
Menu SCW2
S/W Version 10.10.26
HW/ Version dvbs-1506t-V1.0-OTP-SO
Server Dqcam, Xcam, Gshare plus
Sharing Network Wifi, Wire Network, and USB Cable Network
IPTV Features Quraan IPTV, Xtream IPTV,  daqi IPTV XIPTV series m3u file Supported
Hidden Menu code 1506
Customer ID 6F 52 1F 58 05 00
Other Feature Ecast Option Available

Today I’m going to share with you another software for the sunplus chipset receiver.

Complete details about new software new features

You might see in sunplus chipset receivers  before software version the word of scb1, scb2, scb3, scb4, scr2, scr1, sgb1, sgb2, sgb3, sgf1, rel, etc. These 4 words are standing for different but specific themes in sunplus receivers. And it’s not that means there are different hardware versions but these four words are just for mentioning the software theme or look. So before installing the software, you will need to focus on the hardware version of the receiver, not on sgb1, sgb2, scb1, etc as I said these are just for mentioning a specific theme of the software.

one star x1 1506t new software 

one star x1 1506t new software 

one star x3 1506t new software

2- Server Options.

  • Dqcam
  • Xcam
  • Gshare Plus

one star x1 1506t new software 

If you wanna know more about cccam servers then click Here. And if you wanna know more about dqcam, dscam, etc then click Here

So the most important thing nowadays is the internet. So therefore if you want to watch paid Channels through satellite receivers you need internet in your receiver for card sharing. For that purpose different satellite receiver companies using different methods for sharing the internet with the receiver.

  1. 3g network : ( which is working with 3g,4g mobile USB).
  2. wifi network: and with this method, you can share the internet with your receiver from any external wifi connection.
  3. GPRS network: and with this method, you can share the internet with your receiver by inserting a mobile sim card directly.
  4. USB network: and with this method, you can share the internet from your mobile phone to your receiver through a charging cable.
  5.  Wire Network. with the help of the wire network feature, you can connect the internet with your receiver through insert direct your landline DSL internet cable.

one star x1 1506t new software 

the following software has the below options for ethernet connectivity.

  • Wifi Network
  • Wire Network
  • 3G Network

4 – one star x3 1506t new software IPTV features.

the following software has below IPTV options.

  • Quraan IPTV
  • Xtream IPTV
  • Daqi IPTV
  • XIPTV 
  • m3u file Supported

one star x1 1506t new software 

5- one star x3 1506t new software Ecast feature.

Ecast comes as an extra option in sunplus chipset receivers software. Ecast will help you to display (mirror) your android phone screen ” media, apps, etc” on your led tv. So you can use this amazing mobile screen mirroring feature in sunplus receivers.

The following software has  6F 52 1F 56 05 00 customer id so replace it with your current customer id for USB installation.

8- Youtube.

the Youtube feature is also working in the following software. You will find the Zoom signal facility in the following software. you will find the Zoom signal feature at the bottom of the Transponder list menu of the software.

9- Shortcut Keys Menu Visibility.

the following software has also the shortcut code visibility feature for adding Biss keys, power Vu keys, and other keys, press the “0” button from your remote on the open channel and you will see the keys editing windows on the tv screen.

one star x3 1506t new software 

Download the following one star x3 1506t new software by clicking the below download button.


Sunplus 1506t 4mb More Software

Model/File NameS/W VersionAction
One Star X110.10.26Download
One Star X310.10.26Download
Star Live Z110.10.26Download
Matrix ASH S510.09.29Download
Starsat Orange10.09.21Download
One Star X3 10.09.21Download
leg N24 plus SGF110.09.13Download
Leg N24 Pro10.08.27Download
senator 11110.08.24Download
Sunplus 1506t SGR110.08.15Download
joker 888 10.08.09Download
Sunplus 1506t SGF110.07.23Download
Sunplus 1506t SGF110.07.22Download
Sat Cruiser 77710.07.18Download
Magnum 710010.07.18Download
Lion 1506t10.07.16Download
Oryx M110.07.05Download
One Star X110.06.17Download
MATRIX ASH S510.06.16Download
Newsat 900910.05.26Download
Newsat 900910.05.26Download
Starnet 999 B110.05.23Download
Lion Star Sunplus10.05.14Download
Hyper X610.05.05Download
Swenatorz 999q x510.04.13Download
Sunplus 1506t SGC110.02.11Download
Sunplus 1506t SCB410.00.09Download
Echolink el-33179.07.22Download

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