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Gx6605s HW203 free SCAM Server New Updated Software 27-11-2020

Gx6605s HW203 free SCAM+ Server 

Model   HW203 Hardware all Version
Chipset Gx6605s 
Menu  Black
S/W Time  November 27, 2020
H/W Version  Hw203.00.. all Version 
Server   Cccam, Mgcam, Scam+
Sharing Network  wifi Network (5370)
m3u file   Supported 
IPTV    Xtream IPTV, m3u file supported
Ecast Option   Not Available  
Hiden Menu Code  ——-
Extra Features

Today I’m going to share with you another software collection for the Gx6605s chipset receiver.

Complete details about new software new features

this software has a dark black menu theme. Gx6605s HW203 free SCAM+ Server 

2- Server Options.

This software has the following options for server or card sharing.

  • Ccam
  • Mgcam
  • Scam+
If you wanna know more about cccam servers then click Here.

Gx6605s HW203 free SCAM+ Server

Gx6605s HW203 free SCAM+ Server 

Gx6605s new software

Free Server :

You will find the SCAM+ Free Server for One Year, just Go to CA Menu and turn On Scam+ Server. you will get the Scam+ Subscription for one year.

Gx6605s new software

  • Wifi network 5370

Also, read this HW203.00.001 new software V 9391 November 04 2020

Gx6605s new software

4- IPTV features 

the following software has below IPTV options.

  • Local IPTV
  • Xtream IPTV

Gx6605s HW203 free SCAM+ Server 

Important :

Please Select All Section before Installation, do not select the App Section. gx6605s software

Important …

Please do not Install if Your Gx6605s HW203 Receiver Has a Small flash Ic, If your Receiver has the Big Size IC then you Can Install it.


below I am going to share the Gx6605s HW203 free SCAM+ Server software for free download.

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  1. Saleem Khan Yousuf zai says


    Flash look square and big,

    I installed the software, day 1 all tick channel working, next day to till now no channel working, some play then it freeze,
    Number plate on my box 1b-111 is also showing any number.


    Scam+ tell me it working. But no channel play , (only FTA)

    Dish settings monoblock (93,95) port 2 ,(88) port 1.

    1. Saleem Khan Yousuf zai says

      Sorry Number plate not showing any number. .

      On and off it show only red dot.

    2. Khan Dish Network says

      please do a factory reset, delete all the channel data, and rescan your channels and then connect the scam server.

  2. Farhan says

    Mere pass Hw 203 box h phly mene try kya yha pt mera box stuck logo p ruk gya ab ye new software small flash ic p try kro..esa na hu dobara dead hojaye

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      no dear do not try on small flash Ic

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