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Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 New Software Update & Specifications

Digital Satellite Tv Receiver Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 New Software 2021, Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 Specifications. and Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 Reviews. we will talk about the above topics in this particular post.

Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 4K Latest Software Update.

File Name
MEDIASTAR MS-Diamond-Z1 NewMenu (Aurora) Ver375 – 24/03/2021
152 downloads576 MB
March 24, 2021
MEDIASTAR MS-Diamond-Z1 OldMenu (PS4) Ver375 – 24/03/2021
228 downloads580 MB
March 24, 2021
22 downloads348 kb
June 6, 2018

Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 Review.

MediaStar MS-Diamond Z1 Receiver has Android OS 7.0 supported, you can install android applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, telegram also games type apps.
it has 15 months forever server, it has also Supported Cccam, and power Vu, biss keys, etc.

Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 new software

Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 specification.

  • 1- CPU powerful HiSilicon
  • 2- Qualification support 4K 60fps 2160 × 3840
  • 3- Imprex image
  • 4- Supporting hardness and softness from HDR – HLG – WCG
  • 5- Support for Kadak VP9 and H265 with 10 color deep depth
  • 6- Image capability in image simultaneous two-channel 4K
  • 7- Ability to delete the new image and cover image
  • 8-RAM DDR4 GB 2
  • 9- 8GB internal memory
  • 10- Android 7 operating system (Android 7.0)
  • 11- Tuner is powerful with the possibility of strengthening weak signals
  • 12- Support frequencies DVB-S-S2 and 3D channels and H.265 and 4K 60fsp
  • 13- Support types of resolutions
    576i 50 Hz 576P 50 Hz 720P 50 Hz 1080P 24 Hz, 1080P 25 Hz, 1080i 50 Hz, 1080P 50 Hz, 2160 30Hz, 2160 60Hz
  • 15- Two remote controls and also support all remote media controls.
  • 16- 15 Months Sharing Internet Powerful Global Server New Forever Forever
  • 17- With the ability to retrieve 4K card and also more than 300 channels more than Sarwar Jaishir
  • 18- Internal WiFi
  • 19- Ability to exclude individual HomeShare sharing direction free sharing device
  • 20- The new generation of USB 3.0 port in the direction of connecting all kinds of external hardware and accessories.
  • 21- Bluetooth internal generation new and external optical sound
  • 22- Ability to connect various types of console games, Xbox and PlayStation, and install a variety of games and support multiple games.
  • 24- Ability to connect microphone and speaker ” Mediastar Ms-Diamond Z1 Review “
  • 25. Beautiful and modern panel with high-quality USB port hidden front
  • 26- Ability to support all types of band / Ku-band
  • 27- Support types DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 Usuals
  • 28- Support high-quality sharing protocols such as Cccam, Newcom, and others and support new systems like Tandberg and Powerview and the possibility of importing manual and easy BISS and DCW and Tandberg and PowerViews …
  • 29- Advanced Search Ability or Blind Search
  • 30. Capability Search Network Serch.
  • 31- Holding panel VFD
  • 32- Port LAN
  • 33- Dargah Micro SD
  • 34- Exit HDM version 2.0
  • 35- Exit assets AV
  • 36- PID Qualification Edition
  • 37. The ability to search for a few months at a time
  • 38. Search capability with multiple transponders or frequencies
  • 39. Storage capacity of 20,000 TV and radio channels
  • 40- Support the perfect language Persian
  • 41- Ability to show Persian underwriting
  • 42. There are 32 categories of channels of interest and the potential to increase up to 100 categories
  • 43. Ability to edit and move canals in an urgent list
  • 44. Capability: Upgrade via USB and fastboot
  • 45. Ability to upgrade via Internet Media Star Server Auto Receiver
  • 46. ​​Ability to display all manholes and subwoofers on the panel for easy installation without the need for TV.
  • 47- Support Tela Text Persian
  • 48- Maintaining network and internet connection through wireless, Bluetooth, Kabul, LAN, and 3G
  • 49. Capabilities of IPTV, G-VOD, G-IPTV, G-TV, G-mytube, and support for m3u and m3u8 files
  • 50-Qualification G-MScreen, DLNA DMR, DLNA DMP, WiFi Direct
  • 51- Support modem 3G modem SIM card
  • 52. Ability to take pictures and pictures in different formats
  • 53- Ability to download software and software from FTP server
  • 54. Ability to set the manual and automatic clock and timer control and timer dream adjustable
  • 55. Ability to pass the password on the receiver with different hands
  • 56. Stable condition during a power outage and manual and automatic regulation
  • 57. Ability to pause during seizures as well as normal viewing channels PAUSE
  • 58- Support from Sat2IPTV
  • 59. Capability of SSSP and Twin Protocol capabilities and support for sharing sharing
  • 60- Ability to control and stream with mobile and tablet Android and ios
  • 61- Property X-TIMESHIFT
  • 62. Possibility to use active protocol
  • 63- Qualified IP-TV specific media star
  • 64- Support Software High and Benazir
  • 65. And there are many other possibilities, which make this receiver enjoyable for every user.

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