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Download Digital Satellite Receiver Tiger T10 Grand New Software 2021, Tiger T10 Grand latest Software Update. Tiger T10 Grand loader download. Tiger T10 Grand dump flash file and Tiger T10 Grand specification and Tiger T10 Grand Price.

Tiger T10 Grand Latest Software Update.

File Name
TIGER T10 GRAND 1.56 – 25/01/2022
13 downloads5.7 MB
January 24, 2022
TIGER T10 GRAND 1.51 – 19/11/2021
195 downloads5.43MB
November 18, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.50 – 18/10/2021
177 downloads5.6 MB
October 18, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.45 – 10/06/2021
419 downloads5.6 MB
June 10, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.44 – 23/05/2021
241 downloads5.6 MB
May 23, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.43 – 29/04/2021
154 downloads5.6 MB
April 29, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.42 – 25/04/2021
92 downloads5.7 MB
April 25, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.36 – 11/03/2021
161 downloads5.5 MB
March 11, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.35 – 03/03/2021
38 downloads5.7 MB
March 3, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.34 – 25/02/2021
20 downloads5.7 MB
February 25, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.33 – 08/01/2021
23 downloads5.6 MB
January 8, 2021
TIGER STAR T10 GRAND V1.32 – 30/12/2020
15 downloads5.6 MB
December 30, 2020

Tiger t10 Grand Features :

Mini Box Size

Dual Remote

15 Months Forever

1 Month Appollo Iptv

Dual USB

12v Adopter


Tiger T10 Grand Specifications :

Functional Features

DVB-S (EN300 4211

DVB-S2/S2X [EN302 3071

DVB-S/DVB S2/DVB-S2X Demodulator

compliant and Channel decoder

compliant with EN300421/EN302307-2


DiSEQCTM receive/transmitter the control of LNB: d another earphone

AV connector


High-speed and Supported, PMR DISEgC TMecelve/transmit for the

controlfNB. dish and another earphone connect DV-OUT 2.0b transmit CEC2.0

High-speed and Ful yIces

Supported PVR is supported

supported all kinds of storage recording.

playing and connecting all kinds of USB

HDMI interface to output

Hear PcMor up to 8 channel PCM

edit audio/Video format supported

Support favorite.Sort.Move /Delete, edit

Support network search/auto search TP search

USBHactory recoyeryřupgtade Supported

by output

Multi-language Dupper R

Support Wea

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