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Ali 3510c New Software with Super Gshare plus and dolby Audio

Ali 3510c new software 2020

Model  for all Ali 3510c Receivers
Chipset Ali 3510c
Menu  Pink
H/W Version  HW102.02.. all version
Server   Ccam, Tashare, Canal and Super Gshare Plus
Sharing Network  wifi, With 7601 drivers supported
m3u file   Not Supported 
Dolby Audio Okay
Hiden Menu Code Press 6666 On tools Menu

Assalam o Alaikum to all khan dish network viewers today I am sharing with you one of the Ali corporation processor Ali 3510c new software pink menu with Dolby audio Super gshare plus server feature.

Some new features of the following software are here below

You will find the below hardware version files for downloading on this topic.

Hw102.02.001, hw102.02.003, Hw102.02.009, Hw102.02.013, Hw102.02.015, Hw102.02.026, HW102.02.019, Hw102.02.029, Hw102.02.028, Hw102.02.033, Hw102.02.036, hw102.02.999,

1- Menu

the following software has the beautifull PINK menu.

Ali 3510c new software pink menu dolby

Ali 3510c new software 2020

2- Server Option.

the following software has 3 server option

  • Cccam
  • Tshare
  • Canal
  • Super Gshare Plus

Ali 3510c new software 2020

Ali 3510c new software pink menu dolby

Ali 3510c dolby ok Software

3- Internet Sharing.

the following software has only the wifi option for ethernet sharing.

3510c server

also read this Ali 3510c receiver new software with dolby audio ok black menu

4- Youtube.

Youtube is working fine in the following software.

3510c youtube

5- Dolby audio.

the Dolby or ac3 audio feature is enabled in this software and you can enjoy the Dolby audio feature of your favorite channels.

6- Wifi Device.

the most important thing to be noted that the following software is supported by the wifi device with mt7601 drivers. so do not install the software if you do not have the wifi 7601 device.

if you facing any error during installation then follow the below video.

here is the Ali 3510c new software 2020 collection for free download.

Ali 3510c New Software with Super Gshare plus and dolby Audio

HW VersionAction
HW203.00.001 V 8029Download
HW203.00.003 V 8029Download
HW203.00.005 V 8029Download
HW203.00.013 V 8029Download
HW203.00.015 V 8029Download
HW203.00.019 V 8029Download
HW203.00.026 V 8029Download
HW203.00.028 V 8029Download
HW203.00.033 V 8029Download
HW203.00.036 V 8029Download
HW203.00.998 V 8029Download
HW203.00.999 V 8029Download

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  1. Hasnain alam says

    Sir Koi aisa ali 3510 ka software do jis me hum recever se mobile connect kar sake

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