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Gx6605s loader V1.031 with a new boot free download

Hello, viewers today I’m going to Share With You one of the satellite Receiver manufacturers Nationatal chip Gx, Gx6605s loader. but before I share the loader tool you need to know about the loader tool.

What’s a loader and how to use it?

Sometimes During Software upgrades or downgrades due to wrong Software or any other mistake our Satellite Receiver goes dead or stuck on a red light. So in that case we have two ways to recover our satellite Receiver. We can recover our box with a loader tool, and the second option we have is the Bios flashing Programmer which is available mostly with mechanics. But in that post, I’ll discuss the loader tool.

Loader tool is a computer Software, which every Satellite Receiver manufacturer is providing to their users for using during any damage or losses. For the Recovery of our Receiver, we need three 3 basic things. (1) Computer. (2) RS232 Cable and (3) Loader tool.
May you know about computer or laptop so I don’t need to discuss further about the computer.

What’s RS232 Cable?

For the injection of software to our Box, we need three main Connections RX, TX, And GND from our Satellite Receiver to Computer or loader. So for that, We need to connect or STB or Satellite Receiver to our Computer or laptop. in that case, we need a specific Cable, which is called Rs232 or db9 cable. You can purchase Rs232 Cable in any local electronic market or from any Satellite dish mechanic Shop, even you can also buy from any online store. “Gx6605s loader”

Rs232 Cable for laptop User.

If you have a laptop user and you want to use all that process on the laptop then you need to buy two cables one is the Rs232 to Usb male Cable, and the second one is Rs232 female to female cable. These two cables are not very much expensive. And you can buy very easily from any Electronic market or online store. But be noted we need to inject the Software to any Satellite Receiver through Ch341 or Ch340 IC, so when you buy the Rs232 USB cable, you have to demand from the shopkeeper to give you the Rs232 USB cable with Ch340 or Ch341 Supported IC. Otherwise, Loader will not Work.


Rs232 Cable for PC/Computer Users.

If you have a PC or Computer and you want to use the loader on that. Then you have to need to buy one simple cable RS232 female to Female Cable. And you can do all the process with that Single Cable.


RS232 Mini Cable/Jacket.

For doing all these Processes Our Receiver has must the Rs232 Jacket or Port. So in Now days mostly Receiver are coming without External RS232 Port. In that case, we need to Inject another Mini Rs232 Cable inside our Receiver. You can also take this mini Rs232 cable from any dish Satellite Receiver mechanic shop or you can also remove it from any other old Receiver.

rs232 jacket

loader tool.

When you have arranged all the above things as per your requirement, after that you need to loader tool regarding your satellite Receiver processor. There’s multiple Satellite Receiver manufacturer with different Processor. But in that post, I’m going to share with you the Gx processor loader. You can use the following loader for the following board Boards.

Gx6605s board, gx6601 board, gx6602 board, gx3201 board,
gx6605s loader v1.031
gx6605s loader v1.031
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  1. Sadiq ali says

    i sadiq ali rao sir ap new jo loader ka link diya howa hi is ki file ko download krne k baad unzip b kr daik lia lia hi is me ko file open nahi ho rhi plz unzip loader file send kr dain meray isi email file per taak k me loader install kr skon bohat mehrabani ho gi


    sadiq ali rao

    1. Ikram Dirujii says

      Check the Video dear…

  2. Ananta Raut says

    Which loader will be used for head gc6615 such as independent set top box?

  3. Ananta raut says

    Which loader will be used for head gx6615 such as independent set top box?

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