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Download Digital Satellite Receiver Tiger T3000 Extra 4K New Software 2021, Tiger T3000 Extra 4K latest Software Update. Tiger T3000 Extra 4K Specifications, Tiger T3000 Extra 4K loader download, and Tiger T3000 Extra 4K Price.

Tiger T3000 Extra 4K Latest Software Download.

File Name
TIGER T3000 EXTRA 4K UHD V3.8.8 – 22/11/2021
37 downloads513 MB
November 23, 2021
TIGER T3000 EXTRA 4K UHD V3.8.5 – 01/04/2021
103 downloads488 MB
April 1, 2021
TIGER T3000 EXTRA 4K UHD V3.8.4 – 13/03/2021
17 downloads488 MB
March 13, 2021
TIGER T3000 EXTRA 4K UHD V3.8.3 – 31/01/2021
15 downloads500 MB
January 31, 2021
TIGER T3000 EXTRA 4K UHD V3.8.2 – 10/01/2021
24 downloads500 MB
January 10, 2021
41 downloads1.2 GB
May 6, 2018

Tiger t3000 Extra Specifications:

tiger t3000 extra 4k has the Nougat android operating system with Version 7.19, Quad-core processor with 2GB DDR4 RAM and with the 8GB Rom. this receiver gives you the 4k channels output resolution with HDMI 2160P 25Hz, it has a single tuner with amplified facility for catching the weak signal of any satellite.

It has a forever server that is opening many satellites, the forever server by default duration is 15 months. You will also find by default the bundles of IPTV networks like Apollo IPTV, MYHD, Royal IPTV, Sham IPTV, Platinum IPTV, Top Ten, etc., it is entirely auto roll PowerVu, Biss keys; also it support other encryption like Conax, Crypto work, Irdeto and many more.

Tiger t3000 extra 4k receiver also supports Air Sync Remote Z function. With the help of the Air Sync Remote function, you can watch your satellite tv channels on your mobile phone. Also, you can use your mobile to track any satellite signals. The tiger t3000 extra 4k price in Pakistan is different in different markets.

tiger t3000 extra new software

How to Install new firmware in tiger t3000 extra 4k Receivers?

Installation of the software is straightforward; just download the latest software. You can download software from this site in .bin format so you don’t need to unzip the software; after that, arrange the virus-free USB flash drive, and then copy the software which you downloaded.

Insert your USB flash in your receiver USB port, press the menu button from your remote, go to setting, and then click on the Software option. Select the software which you downloaded from the site and then press on the Ok button; wait for starting the upgrade process; after starting the software upgrade process, your receiver will reboot automatically, so you do not need to do any further activity.

How to activate the tiger t3000 extra 4k Server?

After upgrading the firmware now it is time to activate the forever server and IPTV packages, for that you will need to connect the internet to your box via 3G Modem or Wi-Fi or LAN in Network Settings.

after the success of the internet go to the menu and then go to server setting, in the server setting menu go to the server no 40 and press the green button from your remote to activate the forever server.

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