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Premium Plus 12800 4K New Software for free download

In this category, I am going to share with you the Premium Plus 12800 4K new software.

Premium Plus 12800 4K Specifications :

Powerful CPU Ali-2661
New dual-core 1 g Hz CPU 4000 dips with alim 2661 chipset, 4 GB of ram, Ram 4 GB ddr3 / and 512 MB high-speed memory. Flash 16 MB / flash 16 MB, Support 4 k 60fps 2160*3840 maximum size, 15 months forever sharing server, 12-month IPTV apolo With 12 month ipfox IPTV (option), With 12 months forever-void account for free.

The storage capacity of 20,000 tv and radio channels, Internal image processor Support for signal zoom for easy installation. Hardware and software support for hdr – high – wcg Supports vp9 and h265 codecs with a 10-bit color depth, Support 3 d channels, DVB-s, DVB-s2, DVB-s2 x, h265, 4 k 60fs, Hardware capability for noise removal and image skipping. Powerful tuner with the ability to amplify weak signals.

Premium Plus 12800 4K

Premium Plus 12800 4K new software

Premium Plus 12800 4K features.

Supports all kinds of resolutions, 576i 50 Hz, 576 p 50 Hz, 720 p 50 Hz, 1080 p 24 Hz, 1080 p 25 Hz, 1080i 50 Hz, 1080 p 50 Hz, 2160 25 Hz, 2160 50 Hz, With one remote control, With a long USB-wifi with strong signal receive, Support wifi dongle 7601 and 5730 (old & new wifi dongle), Two USB ports with excellent support for all types of, external hard drives 2.5” and 3.5”, With pdf / coaxial, Easy menu, beautiful, Support band / Ku band lnbs.

Support di s eq c 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 usals, the Best support for all types of sharing protocols such as cc cam, new cam, Advanced search and blind search for satellites, Network searchability, With VFD panel, With rj45 lan port, Include HDMI version 2.0 output, Support av output, Pid editability, Multi-satellite search capability, Ability for search frequencies and support multi tp search, Support VPN.

Premium Plus 12800 4K new software

Software DateSoftware Version Action
06-01-2021V 1.09.22403 
16 Dec 2020V 1.09.22326 Download
14 Dec 2020V 1.09.22318Download
22 Oct 2020V 1.09.22226 Download
25 Sep 2020V 1.09.22194 Download
03 Sep 2020V 1.09.22132Download
21 Aug 2020V 1.09.22096Download
23 July 2020V 1.09.22031Download
13 July 2020V 1.09.21992Download
09 July 2020V 1.09.21974Download

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