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Satellite Finder Meter Premium HD 10900 Software 2021-2022. Premium HD 10900 finder Latest Software Download. Premium HD 10900 Firmware. Also, Read Premium HD 10900 Specifications. Premium HD 10900 dump flash file and loader download.

Premium HD 10900


Download Premium HD 10900 DVB-S2 Satellite Signal Finder New Firmware.

File Name
Premium HD 10900 Finder Software Update – 06/12/2021
68 downloads4.00 MB
December 6, 2021
Premium HD 10900 Finder Software Update – 05/03/2021
149 downloads4.00 MB
March 5, 2021
Premium HD 10900 Finder Software Update – 02/09/2020
31 downloads4.00 MB
September 2, 2020
Premium HD 10900 Finder Software Update – 22/07/2020
41 downloads4.00 MB
July 22, 2020
Premium HD 10900 Finder Software Update – 08/04/2020
44 downloads4.00 MB
April 8, 2020

Premium HD 10900 DVB-S2 Satellite Signal Finder Specifications:

Premium HD 10900 Finder:

  • CPU: Gx6605
  • 4MB flash/
  • Dvb-s/Dvb-s2/MPEG-2/MPEG4/H265 compliant
  • Supports H265 technology
  • Convenient and fast device for adjusting all kinds of dishes and revolving dishes
  • It Has 4.3 Inches LED Display.
  • Has a beep to quickly find the desired satellite signal
  • Has an alarm protector when connecting LNB
  • Support base channels and a variety of systems
  • Support zoom magnification in signal strength and quality
  • Video and audio output and input to connect to peripherals
  • Ability to display the signal level of HD and normal mpeg4 and mpeg2 channels
  • Support for all types of C-band and C-band LNB
  • Support for a variety of switch protocols as well as central antenna equipment
  • Has a torch LED lamp behind the finder
  • Lights and lights for the keyboard for night vision
  • Wi-Fi support, YouTube support, IPTV, and CCcam
  • Ability to record channels on USB
  • Finding the desired satellite signal easily and quickly in various ways
  • Ability to save and channels data in USB Device
  • Upgrade the device software by USB without the need for a computer
  • Execute audio and video files from USB memory
  • Has a charge of about 4 hours, after 8 hours of charging
  • Wide display to more easily view the signal level
  • Has a replaceable lithium battery and electric charger
  • Has a hanger strap and a bag and extra bag for storing items (new design)
  • Support for spare parts in case of a defect
  • Easy to carry. Durable

Premium HD 10900 Satellite Finder Price

  • RoundAbout 13000PKR to 14000PKR
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