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Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software 01-09-2020

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software 

Main features : 

  • Dolby / ac3 Audio OK
  • Cccam Ok
  • Mgcam Ok
  • Extream IPTV Enabled
  • Rich Tv Working
  • Youtube Working

Complete details about each feature

You can use the following software in these all version like..

HW203.00.001, HW203.00.002, HW203.00.003, HW203.00.006, HW203.00.008, HW203.00.009, HW203.00.010, HW203.00.011, HW203.00.012, HW203.00.013, HW203.00.014, HW203.00.015, HW203.00.016, HW203.00.017 HW203.00.018 HW203.00.019, HW203.00.020, HW203.00.021, HW203.00.022, HW203.00.023, HW203.00.024, HW203.00.025, HW203.00.027, And every hw203 hardware.

1- Doby or ac3 audio.

the dolby audio or ac3 audio is Ok in this software.

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software

if your dolby audio channels audio not working after installing this software then goto System setting then Av setting and then select the SPDIF option to “Dolby Audio By IK-MR”

and save the setting, your audio will start working 100%.

see the snap below

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software


Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software

Important Notice:

the Dolby audio Will Work only on HDMI cable.

2- Server Options.

for finding the cccam or other cam option goto Upgrade menu and then super setting.

you will find the below option in that Porticular menu.

  • RedShare
  • Cccam
  • NewCamd
  • Active Code
  • Rich Tv
  • Emu

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software

3-Extream Iptv.

You will also enjoy the extrem iptv feature in this softwre.

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software

also read this Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Software With ( Airtel ) Dolby Audio Feature


Youtube is also working in this software

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software

5-Software theme.

You will find the software looks very cool and beautifull. khan dish network create this theme itself for their fans. hope you will enjoy the software features and theme looks as well.

Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software

gx6605s New theme


Gx6605s new theme

6-Wifi device Model.

you can use the wifi device with the 5370 and 7601 Supported drivers in this software.

Gx6605 wifi

7- How to install the software.

it is a converted software so you will not be able to install via usb flash you will need the loader tool or programmer to install this software in your receiver.

Gx6605s loader V 1.032

Gx Loader V1.32

Download the loader Here

So download the Gx6605s F1F2 HW203 Dolby Software by clicking below download button.

The following Software Could be Downgrade Only Via Loader tool. So install it on Your Choice


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  1. Malik hussain says

    Ye usb sy ho jaye ga ???

  2. Nabil says

    Why is the remote not functioning fully sir?How do I return to the previous software?

  3. Raj Kumar Singh says

    Plz provide software for Solid HDS2-9048 IT digital box

  4. R k singh says

    Wezone 888plus ME series k liye dolby sound software chahiye

  5. M ubaid says

    Sir hw version 203.00.013 software version is3833

  6. Jony says

    My Reciver name is Echolink EL-8888, This reciver don’t have R232 port, can update this reciver, and how can I update my reciver, i try to cut usb cable and and soldering but can’t update, if you have any solution please tell me…..thank you

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      dear let me see your receiver mother board

  7. M.Rahman says

    Sir koi usb sa onaa wala software do please
    Jis pa AirtelHd sound ok hwo

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      Not Available Yet, Wait and stay with Khan Dish Network

  8. Tarun says

    Hii sir mere pass s2gx05d ka acccss cantrol wala softwear chaiy

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      Please mention the complete details of Your receiver.

  9. Ahamad Izzard says

    I did update to this firmware. But the remote is not functioning. What do I have to do?

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      Dear it has add the original Remote.
      If You Can then Send Your box Old Software ” with remote Working” so I’ll adjust the remote for You

      1. Ahamad Izzard says

        Thx. How can I send to you. What’s ur email? Previous firmware was you version which was released in July 18 2019

      2. Ahamad Izzard says

        How Can i send the file? Whats ur email address?

  10. sarfraz says

    gx6605s17030 (190419) wale receiver mein kon sa version kam kare ga

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      You Can Install but with Loader or Programmer

  11. Ahmed Badredeen Sahib says

    Good morning Sir

    How can we get customer id for GX6605s board type for hex editing?

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      Good Afternoon Mr Ahmed.
      Gx Processor Not Using the Costumer I’d Function.
      They Are Using the Hardware Version Matching functionality for USB Installation.

      1. Ahmed Badredeen Sahib says

        Thank you Sir the for the reply.
        Please Sir have you received my email on Nusky system information send mother board pictures?

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