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No Match file Solution in Sunplus 1506g 1506t 1506lv 1507g

No Match file Solution

In this post, I’m going to share with you the solution of a very common error of no match file in Sunplus processor.

During upgrading of Sunplus 1506g 1506t 1506tv 1506f 1507g 1506lv 1506fv Receiver through USB we getting a Very Common error of No Match file.

No Match file Solution

For removing that error we need to follow some tips which I’m sharing one by one below.

1 – Find Costumer ID of The Current Software.

Every software has a different customer I’d of 12 digits which is located in the system information windows of the software.

To find out the customer I’d we need to go to setting then version and then press 1502 code from our remote control. The customer I’d be visible on the screen.
This article you are reading on khan dish network.

No Match file Solution


2- matching of the Customer I’d.

In a second step, we need to match the current customer I’d to the new software customer I’d.

3- find out Costumer I’d In New Software.

We need to find out the costumer I’d of the new software which we want to install
In our receiver.

4- Edit the Costumer I’d through Hex Workshop.

To find the customer I’d in new software we will open the software ” which we want to install ” in hex workshop.
After that, on a computer or laptop we need to press the control+g button and in goto windows add the 1a000 address and hit enter.

No Match file Solution

No Match file Solution

If you did not find the id with the 1a000 Address then enter another address on the goto window ” 3fff6 ” or 5aff6 and click on the go button.

No Match file Solution

We’ll reach the right destination of customer I’d.

No Match file Solution

Now we need to replace these 12 digits customer I’d with the currently installed software customer I’d in our receiver.
Edit carefully these 12 digits and click on the save button.

No Match file Solution

Now copy the new file you saved to your USB flash and go-to upgrade menu and install your software without any error.

4- for the mobile users.

If you don’t have any laptop or computer to edit the software in hex, don’t worry you can also edit the software through hex workshop by using your android phone.

5- hex editor for android or ios

You can find the hex editor in the play store for android, install the hex editor and open it.
And click on the open file and select the software that you want to install.

Now click on the external button

Now click on the following button and add the adress 1a000 and click on go to.

No Match file Solution

You will see the 12 digits customer I’d.

No Match file Solution
If you didn’t find that address try with another address of 3fff6 and click on goto.

No Match file Solution
After reaching the customer I’d now click on the edit button and add your current installed software customer Id.

No Match file Solution

And then click on the save button then click on yes and that’s it.

Now copy your new file to USB and install it without any error.
No Match file Solution
For more details watch the video


  1. Bugudesaid says

    Leg n24+ plus

  2. Mohamed shoman says

    how i fix Costomer ID in sunplus 2507L

  3. Sharif says

    1506g dvb finder software send mi wtsap03334301482

  4. Sharif says

    1506g dvbfindar software send mi thank you thank you

    1. Abbas ali says

      Scb3 v6.02.09

  5. Muhammad Afzal says

    mm1-avl1506t-wjx v1.1

    neosat plus hyper 2020 ka bord namber
    aur iss py koi bhi software instal nahi ho raha
    costomr Id cheng karny k baad bhi
    buhat saary software ko edit kar k dekha hai phir nahi ho raha
    iss ka kiya hull hai ???

    1. Khan Dish Network
      Khan Dish Network says

      bro its 1506lv aur esa to mumkin nhi k customer id change ho kr b install na ho, however ap version ki picture mail kr dy mujhe

      1. Saleem says

        Mr khan i did replace the file in hex editer savrel time according to your post but still no match file massage come..

        1. Khan Dish Network
          Khan Dish Network says

          there is two type of Series in 1506g, or 1506t, one is Dqcam and the other is Dscam. you can apply the method for the same server software. if you have already dscam software then you can install only dscam software over on that through USB, if you have dqcam, then you can install dqcam software,

    2. Abbas ali says

      Scb3 v6.02.09

  6. Ras Kush says

    @Boko, Greetings.
    Server IKs DQCAM works. I bought a SunPLUS 1506t decoder and activated my free 1year server for EutelSAT 16°E. But today this server is not relevant on EutelSAT 16°E.

    tvSAT Afriqúe closed down & myTV broadcasts on h.265HEVC platform. The only relevant decoder is LEG n24+ Plus [1507G]

  7. Sanjay says

    Thank you very much,sir I like it

  8. Mohammad Jameel says

    Khan dish network
    Best top

  9. Boko says

    Thank you so much.

  10. Khan Dish Network says

    Mr Boko thanks for Your Comment.
    If You are facing the Problem in Whole files then it’s the back end Server Problem.
    You Should Contact Your Supplier.
    So he’ll forward the Problem to Your Receiver Manufacturers.

  11. Boko says

    In West Africa. Many dqcam no longer work .By pressing the status to control the date. We observe ” Query falled, can not get date data”. However the dqcam has a duration of 1 years.

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