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Nova 10000 New Software 1507G 1G 8MB V12.08.20

Nova 10000 New Software

Model  Nova 10000
Chipset  Sunplus 1507g 8mb
Menu  SCB4/
Sw Version  12.08.20/
Server  DSCAM, Nashare, nashre Pro, Nova Share, Gshare Plus MR Audio /
Sharing Network  3g, wifi, Usb cable,/
m3u file  Supported
IPTV  Extrem
Ecast Option  Availble
Today I’m going to share with you another software for the sunplus chipset receiver.
Complete details about new software new features

the following software have the scb4 menu theme

  Nova 10000 New Software

1507g new Software

2- Server Options there below options for Server or Card Sharing In the following software.

  • Dqcam
  • Nashre
  • Nashre Pro
  • Gshare Plus
  • Nova Share
  • MR Audio

Nova 10000 New Software


Nova 10000 New Software

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5- Ecast feature , the ecast feature is available in this software.

Nova 10000 New Software

6- IPTV features

  • Extrem IPTV
  • Evision IPTV

Zoom Signal

You Will find the Zoom Signal facility in the following Software

the following software is supported 5370 and 7601 Drivers Supported wifi device for internet connectivity.

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