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Tiger T3000 Mega New Software Update & Specifications

Download Digital Satellite Receiver Tiger T3000 Mega 4K New Software 2021, Tiger T3000 Mega 4K latest Software Update. Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Specifications, Tiger T3000 Mega 4K loader download, and Tiger T3000Mega 4K Price.

Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Latest Software Download.

File Name
Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Software Update V3.9.4 – 01/04/2021
120 downloads490 mb
April 1, 2021
Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Software Update V3.9.2 – 13/03/2021
27 downloads482 MB
March 13, 2021
Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Software Update V3.9.1 – 31/01/2021
28 downloads502.5 MB
January 31, 2021
Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Software Update V3.9.0 – 10/01/2021
32 downloads502.5 MB
January 10, 2021
9 downloads1.2 GB
May 6, 2018

Hello, viewers in this post I will share with you the Tiger t3000 Mega Software Download and Tiger t3000 Mega Specifications. Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K receiver is the latest digital satellite tv receiver among the family of T3000 series ( Tiger t3000, Tiger t3000 Extra, Tiger T 3000 Mega). Tiger t3000 mega can amplify the weak signal along with the multi-streaming signal.

Tigerstar T3000 Mega 4K receiver support an inbuilt Android tv box powered by Hisi768 4K AMR Cortex-A9 CPU, Android 7.19 Operating system, 3GB RAM, 8GB ROM, and DDR4 2GB flash memory, install the app via play store and via USB.

tiger t3000 mega software

However, the Tiger t3000 Mega 4K receiver fully supports HEVC H.265 and 4K video output resolution for high experience in streaming 4K content and satellite tv channels.

Tiger T3000 Mega 4K Specifications

  • DVBS-S2+ OTT fully 4K Receiver
  • Hisi768 4K AMR Cortex-A9 Processor, Octa-core
  • Snapdragon Android 7.19 OS
  • 3GB RAM, 8GB ROM, DDR4
  • Advanced Neon
  • 3D Graphics Processor A52
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • SD and HD video output format: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p,720p, 1080p and 1080i
  • Support VOD
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, LAN For Network Connectivity
  • Google App Store access
  • External Mouse and Keyboard
  • Free 12month Apollo and MYHD IPTV Subscription
  • Free 15month Forever Server Pro.125
  • 12month Top ten free subscription of the film Library
  • Audio output includes: mp3, aac, WMA, rm, mp4, Mkv, MOV, 3gp, mpg, and avi
  • Photo format support: jpeg, gif, BMP,
  • Digital bitstream output (ac-3 or DTS)
  • Diseqc switch 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS
  • USB Upgrade Menu and Online Software Upgrade
  • Online Satellite Key Update
  • Opening BeoutQ without Internet

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  1. Shahan Farooq says

    Sir its possible to root the android satellite boxes like Tiger t3000 mega, ghost 2 and starsat x7,they have the same hisilicon3798 mv200 chip and board

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