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Gx Editing Complete Project

In this post, I am going to share With you the Complete project for editing the national Chip Gx Processor Software.

with the help of this toolbox, You can Change Your Gx software boot Logo, You can Unpack repack the Gx Software, You can Change Your Gx Software Remote.

You can Resize Your logo picture and Much more editing you can do with the help of

this project ” Gx Editing Complete Project ”

Gx Editing Complete Project
Gx Editing Complete Project

Download the Toolbox by clicking the Download button

Gx Editing Complete Project

Download National Chip Gx Software Completing Editing tools. you can Change Gx Receivers Software Remote Control, Logo Changing, and you can also edit the complete theme for the National Chip Gx Software.

  1. Vijay Sing says

    Please provide the COMPLETE project of GX 6605 firmware that include the following TOOLS positively.. Don’t give only LOGO changer, picture resizer etc. to us . GIVE THE BELOW TOOLS…
    1) Extractor tool for BOOT.bin, KERNEL.bin, DATA.bin FIles.. (I need to extract and edit it , customize it as per my choice) at present we can only extract ROOT.bin file by using your Logo Editor Tool. This tool can’t extract above said all files..
    2) Editor tool for above if possible. GIve complete project on Window 10/11 based platform.

    Hope you will accept my request & do the needful soon.

    Thanking you

    1. Khan Dish Network
      Khan Dish Network says


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