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Tiger T7 Forever New Software Update & Specifications

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Tiger T7 Forever Specifications:

  • H265, WiFi, Dolby, 1 TUNER, 2*USB, FOREVER IKS  15 month free
  • JOKER IPTV 3M- Code ( 1*16 )
  • ULTRA IPTV 1Month free- Code ( 1*12 )
  • HAHA IPTV 45D- Code ( 5555566666 )
  • Belo IPTV 1Month free-Code (4000000000 )
  • OSCAR IPTV 1Month free- Code ( 5050505050 )
  • DOCTOR IPTV 1Month free- Code ( 1*12 )
  • G-BOX IPTV 1 Month free- Code ( 10*5 )
  • ATLAS IPTV 1 Month free- Code ( 0*15 )
  • APPOLO IPTV 1 Month free

Tiger T7 Forever Software 

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  1. Tamer Said says

    Hello, Can I download this software to my Tiger H3 plus device? and if installed,, I will lose the original software… am I not be able to roll back & my current subscription on the original software will not be recovered again? or it can be recovered, if I took a backup (is supported by receiver)

    1. Khan Dish Network says

      dear I do not know what hardware are using in the tiger h3, but your company server and IPTV packages will still remain after installing any software

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