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Ch341a Programmer Software Free Download

Here you Can download new updated software for the Ch341a USB Mini Programmer Black and Green Adition. also read about the specifications of the Ch341a Mini Programmer. you Can Also Download the Android Version Software for the Ch341a Programmer.

Ch341a USB Mini Programmer

Download Ch341a USB Mini Programmer Latest Software 2024- 2024 Version.

What’s Ch341a USB Mini Programmer?

Ch341a is a Mini USB Programmer, which helps to flash the firmware in the flash IC. There are lots of different types and different series of flash IC available in the market. but this low cast Ch341a USB mini programmer is designed to support 24 Eeprom and 25 SPI flash 8 pins and 16 pins SPI flash. It has installed the ch341a chip, which can recognize the EEPROM 24 and SPI flash with an indicator Green light to show that modules are working. The ch341a programmer is very User friendly and it is also Supported the USB to TTL Conversation.

Ch341a Programmer Software For Android.

Ch341a working almost on digital satellite Receiver flashes. You can also use this Programmer on your smartphone by using the combo tool APK, which is available also in the above table of Downloads in this post for download. about the Combo tool using you can watch guiding videos on Youtube. The following programmer also working on UART, printer port, parallel and synchronous serial with 2wire or 4wire with the USB bus.


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